femme-vitale-katalog-1photo: Lars K Engelgaar


The artwork Femme Vitale in the entrance hall of Medical Museion is created for this spot by the English artgroup Pharmacopoeia.

Femme Vitale was unveiled 11th October 2013

The 27.774 tablets and capsules of the dress represents the medicine used over 10 years for a woman with the so-called Metabolic Syndrome. Her use of medicine is a compilation of two real patient records from a respectively a Danish and an English woman.

The word ’syndrome’ (from greek συνδρομή = confluence) is used in the medical sciences to pay attention to conditions where a number of symptoms and diseases often occur together. In the metabolic syndrome this goes for hypertension, obesity and high level of bloodfat, and of type 2-diabetes and other diseases.