From Kitchen Sink to Museum: Doing and Debating Synthetic Biology

Project Partners

The people currently working on our project are:

  • Martin Malthe Borch, MSc Biological engineering, designer, co-founder of the local biohackerspace BiologiGaragen.
  • Bente Steen Christensen, Graphic Designer
  • Sara Krugman, Health educator and Interaction designer, currently completing her masters at The Copenhagen School of Interaction Design. Co-founder of Line, working to make products and services that bring our health data into our hands.
  • Emil D. Lambreth Polny, project coordinator at UNIK Center for Synthetic Biology.
  • Ane Pilgaard Sørensen, designer and exhibition assistant at Medical Museion.
  • Thomas Söderqvist, professor and director at Medical Museion and initiator/responsible for the project.
  • Rüdiger Trojok, open-science scholar and molecular biologist, currently finishing his Masters at the Technical University of Denmark.
  • Karin Tybjerg, associate professor at Medical Museion and co-director of the project.
  • Louise Whiteley, assistant professor at Medical Museion and co-director of the project.
Full descriptions of our individual and institutional project partners are coming soon.