Here you can book a guided tour for school groups in The World is in You. The exhibition is curated by Medical Museion and produced in collaboration with Kunsthal Charlottenborg.
About the guided tour

Guided by our enthusiastic exhibition staff, the students will explore how the human body is entangled with the world in and around us. The guided tour will take the students through the four themes of the exhibition: time, microbes, space and generations, and they will gain insight into four scientific research areas: chronobiology, microbiome research, space medicine, and epigenetics. They will discuss questions like:

What happens to our bodies if we travel to and settled on Mars? What does it mean to have a body clock? Can what your grandparents ate can affect your life today? And what do art and science have in common?

The guided tour has an interdisciplinary focus and combines art, science, and cultural history in trying to understand how the entanglement with the world around us affects our health, lifestyle, and living conditions.

The guided tour is intended for high school students, but all school classes are welcome. It would especially suitable for students studying history, philosophy, psychology, biology, biotechnology and as inspiration for SRP.

About the exhibition

We live in the Anthropocene epoch – the age of the human being – and we are constantly getting more knowledge about how we, for better and worse, affect and change the world. However, only a few people think about that the world affects us too. Our bodies and daily lives are shaped by the world around us.

The exhibition The World is in You takes its starting point in new biomedical research that seeks to understand our bodies, our health and our world. But the conversations about the various insights reached by academic and scientific research cannot be confined to strictly separate disciplines. They flow into the realms of art, history, culture, philosophy, politics and more. Together, they pave the way for new understandings of how our bodies are connected to the world around us.

Practical information

Duration: 60 minutes

Number of participants: max. 30 people

Time: Wednesday and Friday at 14:30 during the exhibition’s opening period (October 13 2021 to January 16 2022).

Price: 1.200 DKK

Place: The exhibition The World is in You is located at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Kongens Nytorv 1, 1050 København.

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