Head of Programming & Communication

February 2023

Medical Museion seeks an imaginative, energetic and experienced museum professional to oversee our innovative programme of exhibitions & events, as well as our communications activities, as we embark on a new strategic phase in our development.


Medical Museion reimagines health and medicine. It does this by researching and collecting through the lens of history, society and culture; and by engaging publics with imaginative exhibitions, events, and other outreach activities. Our aim is to enrich people’s lives by deepening their understanding of bodies and minds, health, and its contexts.

We are an internationally recognised research museum based in Copenhagen University’s Public Health Department, and are part of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research. In each context, our work helps bridge academic research into society, and adds perspectives from medical humanities to multidisciplinary investigations.

Key objectives: Strategise, deliver and manage
  1. Strategically develop Medical Museion’s exhibitions, events, installations, web etc.
  2. Shape and boost our communications profile through media, marketing, on-line etc.
  3. Deliver (+ maintain) our exhibitions, events, installations/galleries, web & SoMe presence etc.
  4. Manage Programming/Communications Team (approx. 6 employees); be part of senior management team
  5. Manage business processes for Prog/Comms: fundraising, budgeting, finances, etc.

Main responsibilities

1. Museum Programme

  • Oversee strategy (through collaboration across M.M.) for programme of exhibitions, events, installations etc.
  • Oversee public interpretation of M.M. through programme, tours, guides etc.
  • Research and evolve targeted goals for visitor numbers, audience profile, etc.
  • Maximise reach & impact of programme with public, stakeholders, media…
  • Co-develop stakeholder-focussed programming and activitie

2. Communication

  • Oversee public profile of M.M. through effective communications strategy
  • Co-ordinate media and broadcast activity
  • Oversee M.M.’s web presence and SoMe activity
  • Oversee marketing of M.M.
  • Establish and maintain contact with stakeholders (museum professionals, funders etc)

3. Project Delivery

  • Supervise and manage exhibitions, events, & other engagement initiatives
  • Co-ordinate communications activity
  • Oversee development of programme: content, design, production & implementation
  • Establish and deliver maintenance and update planning for public spaces

4. Management

  • Line manage Prog/Comms team
  • Take active role in Medical Museion Management Team (MMMT)
  • Oversee student guide team (approx. 12) in dialogue with Front of House: recruitment, training, development of function etc.
  • Contribute to cross-sectional working practices in M.M. and department through protocols and culture

5. Business processes – in collaboration with Head of Admin/Front of House

  • Fundraise for public programme, and generally contribute to M.M.’s funding efforts
  • Supervise and control budgets and run finances for Prog/Comms activities
  • Set up and manage external contracts associated with Prog/Comms activity

Person specification:
Experience, skills, background


  • Experienced museum professional, with a track record of curating & delivering high impact, multidisciplinary exhibitions, events, etc.
  • Proven track record of overseeing design and installation of exhibitions & events
  • Proven track record of project managing exhibitions, outreach programs, events and communications activities
  • Experience of strategizing and delivering communications initiatives
  • Experience of managing a small, motivated team, and being part of management group
  • Experience of fund-raising and overseeing exhibition, event, and other project budgets
  • Experience and enthusiasm for juggling diverse activities across cultural programming and communication
  • Proven ability to form partnerships with experts/professionals: scientists, medical professionals, artists, designers, foundations
  • Experience and enthusiasm for collaborative working teams across professional and disciplinary boundaries
  • Exceptional written and verbal skills in Danish and English, including editing and proof-reading and ability to present project ideas to various stakeholders
  • Knowledge of Danish museum/cultural context


  • Experience working in a research environment (universities etc.)
  • Creative flair for communicating science, art & history to new audiences
  • Experience of being spokesperson for high-profile cultural programmes
  • Eagerness to innovate and experiment with formats and methods, still focused on impact
  • Knowledge of medicine, science & health topics, and humanities perspectives

Person specification:
Qualifications & aptitude


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant subject
  • Highly collaborative, with enthusiasm for leading some teams & different roles in others
  • Creative & energetic, with a passion for developing innovative programming
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


  • Other professional qualification &/or courses in curation and arts management etc.
  • Careful, methodical and accurate, with a focus for detail

Your application

Please send your electronic application via Jobportalen no later than 10 March. Interviews will take place on 24 March 2023.