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Your Cells in their Hands?
Ethics Debate at Medical Museion 25th May, 7pm-9pm

Would you want your younger face back in the future? At ethics debate Your cells in their hands?, an expert panel will discuss this and other questions prompted by artist Gina Czarnecki and scientist John Hunt’s artwork HeirloomHeirloom grows living portraits of Gina’s daughters from their own cells, and could lead to new developments in reconstructive medicine and cosmetic modification.

Other questions for debate might include:

  • Where does identity lie when cells are grown outside the body?
  • Should we add 3D scans of our bodies to biobanks containing our DNA?
  • How should the use of biological materials in art be evaluated?
  • Should biological artworks be patented?

This event is part of the EU Creative Europe funded project Trust Me, I’m an Artist, which invites artists to present their work and its ethical implications to specially selected panels, and invites public audiences to join the debate.

The expert panel will include Christina Wilson, Art Advisor and member of The Danish Council on Ethics; Morten Hillgaard Bülow, medical historian and philosopher; Ida Donkin, postdoctoral researcher in epigenetics at the NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research and finalist in the PhD Cup 2016; and Jens Hauser, Paris and Copenhagen based media studies scholar and art curator.

The exhibition and museum will be open from 6pm and the ethics debate will run from 7-9pm. The event is free, but sign-up is necessary here. Refreshments will be served.

The event is in English.

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All photographs copyright Gina Czarnecki and/or Medical Museion. Please contact us for permissions.