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Cellcraft workshops

27th and 29th May, 11am-4pm

In Gina Czarnecki and John Hunt’s living artwork Heirloom, cells grow almost imperceptibly. Keeping them alive and healthy is, however, far from easy.

In two hands-on workshops, Gina Czarnecki and scientist Dr. Rod Dillon, who collaborated on Gina’s Quarantine and Wasted Debates artworks, will introduce basic techniques for gathering, growing, and caring for different kinds of cells. Participants will encounter cells under microscopes, kombucha fungus “skin”, and DIY bioreactors, and discuss with Gina and Rod why artists and scientists might want to work together and the ethical issues they might face.

The workshops take place in the study room of Medical Museion’s The Body Collected exhibition. The exhibition explores how the human body has been collected for medical research over time, including the storage of cells and DNA in biobanks today. Curators from The Body Collected will join the discussions about how cells are collected and stored in the different worlds of art, science, and museums.

Workshop 1 Cellcraft I, is targeted at artists and curators, and will focus on how artists can use and conceptualize biological practices, and how bioart can be curated and displayed Friday 27 May at 11am-4pm Tickets
Workshop 2 Cellcraft II, is for anyone who’s interested in learning more about biology and art and growing cells Sunday 29 May at 11am-4pm Tickets

Workshops will be in English, and are suitable for those aged 16+. Tickets 100 kr (students 75 kr) to cover materials and lunch, and include museum entrance. Spaces are very limited.








All photographs copyright Gina Czarnecki and/or Medical Museion. Please contact us for permissions.