While the museum is a welcoming and caring host for objects, it is hostile towards life processes. What would happen if the museum attempts to welcome and nurture life?

The Living Room is an experimental-ontological site at Medical Museion, where we attempt to host life. Life is characterized by cycles and exchanges, eating, digesting and sleeping, rhythmic processes and aging. By engaging with the metabolic aspects of things, a central aim in The Living Room is to make the invisible practices of preservation visible, tangible and audible to the public – and to approach them with curiosity and playfulness. We explore decay by exposing objects to macro-environmental factors such as humidity, temperature and light as well as fungi, bacteria and insects that act as heritage eaters, turning the room into a metabolic time machine. A guiding idea behind the project is that decomposition does not entail loss: All-encompassing life cycles absorb death into life. Heat, light, and microorganisms play crucial roles in the constant becoming of the world.

In The Living Room we also develop multi-sensory methods for exploring decay (e.g. time lapse, sound art, lab protocol poetry) that multiply the functions of objects unfolding new modes of existence as objects become sources of food, habitat, stories, images, sounds, even aesthetic incarnations of time passing.

This is an ongoing transdisciplinary project constantly transforming. Browse our webpage to encounter the different digital materialities developed from the encounter between preservation, artistic practice and humanities research. And look out for upcoming events such as special guided tours, artistic performances, lectures and much more. For more info please contact Martin Grünfeld at e-mail

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