We are colonizers and colonized

We are colonizers and colonized

You are a colonizer – and so am I. Look around you. What did you touch before opening this blogpost? What are you touching at this very moment? Perhaps you are sitting on a chair, leaning up against a wall, touching your phone or typing on the keyboard in front of...

Micro Worlds

Micro Worlds is a speculative workshop, bringing together scholars from diverse disciplines to explore the multiple ways in which museums and their collections can function as sites to better understand our relationship with microbial worlds. What if, we want to ask,...

Memory-work in Mind the Gut

Memory-work in Mind the Gut

Dear all, On November 21st our weekly meeting launches memory-work in/with Mind the Gut. You are going to engage with my version of what the memory-work method looks like. In some ways, we will test run the method together before I start using the method to question...

Introducing concepts of ‘our humans’

Introducing concepts of ‘our humans’

Bring your own human. This was the instruction (and name) for our workshop in September 2019. It is a simple, short and sophisticated instruction. As soon as you start thinking more about what to do, several questions quickly loom over you. Are you going to bring a...


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