MUSE Seminars

MUSE seminars are a fortnightly lunch seminar at Medical Museion. They are primarily for internal staff, but if you would like to attend a particular session please contact Tine Friis ( At MUSE we share ideas, projects, and practices; to get feedback and get to know each other, developing our collective sense of who we are. We share work from across the house – from research and exhibition-making, to collections and communications projects – and sometimes welcome external guests too.

Winter/Spring 2021


4 February

Anne Bernth Jensen, Curator. Kathrine Baastrup, Visual Interpreter. Bente Vinge Pedersen, Head of Programme, Exhibition and Communication

Upcoming Corona exhibition


11 February

Amalie Suurballe Schjøtt-Wieth, Conservator

Medical Museion’s textile collection


25 February

Thomas Söderqvist, Professor Emeritus

Autobiography and memoir writing in museum work


11 March

Niels Jakob Elsborg Andersen, Curator

Upcoming image archive project


8 April

Martin Grünfeld, Assistant Professor

The Living Room Project


22 April

Louise Whiteley, Assocoate Professor. Adam Bencard, Associate Professor. Andréa Wiszmeg, Postdoctoral Researcher. Guston Sondin-Kun, PhD Fellow. Joana Formosinho, PhD Fellow. Tine Friis, PhD Fellow. Cecilie Glerup, Research Manager

The Microbes on the Mind Project


6 May

Eduardo Abrantes, Artistic Researcher, Sound Artist and Filmmaker

Performance-lecture: lived encounters between art and science


20 May

Charlotte Riel, Booking and event officer. Vibeke Hastrup, Museum Host. Nina Marie Poulsen, Museum Host. Pia Burmølle Hansen, Museum Attendant. Christoffer Bech, Museum Attendant

Medical Museion visitor experiences during Covid-19


3 June

Jens Soelberg, museum curator and postdoc at the Museum of Natural Medicine & the Pharmacognostic Collection, and Danish Medicinal Plant Biobank, Natural Products Research

Farma’s Pharmacognostic Collection – and Danish Medicinal Plant Biobank


17 June

Emilie Skulberg, PhD Fellow, University of Cambridge

Black holes and the human body in research, science communication, and science fiction



Autumn/ Winter 2020


10 December

Ken Arnold, Professor and Director

Contagious Cities: An International Project


26 November

Malthe Kouassi Bjerregaard, Bente Vinge Pedersen, and Anne-Sofie Stampe

The Museion Blog: History, GDPR, and How-To


12 November

Karin Tybjerg, Associate Professor

Museion as Trickster


22 October

Adam Bencard, Associate Professor

The World is In You


1 October

Nina Marie Poulsen, Museum Host

Crip Theory: the bodies (and minds) we actualise in capitalist societies


17 September

Niels Jakob Elsborg Andersen, Curator, Medical Museion

The Museion X-Ray Collection


3 September

Amélia Siegel Corrêa, Postdoc, Department of Anthropology, KU

Inhotim Museum and the contradictions of tropicality


20 Aug

Christoffer Bech, Museum Attendant, Medical Museion

“The Green Muse: How wormwood went from cure-all to a one-way ticket to madness”


 11 Aug

Tine Friis, PhD Fellow, Medical Museion

“Performative experimentation”



Winter / Spring 2020


28 May

Martin Grünfeld, Assistant Professor, Medical Museion

“Museum ecologies: growing, de-growing and re-growing collections”


14 May

Louise Whiteley, Associate Professor; Bente Vinge Pedersen, Head of Programmes, Exhibitions and Communications; and Karin Tybjerg, Associate Professor—Medical Museion

“Muse on Muse”


27 February

Adam Bencard, Associate Professor, Medical Museion

“Microcosmos/ macrocosmos”


30 January

Guston Sondin-Kung, PhD Fellow, Medical Museion

“Jean Painlevé Film Screening”


23 January

Angela McShane, Head of Research Development, Wellcome Collection

“Collections and Research? What’s Research got to do with it?”


16 January

Isabelle Rose Martin, visual artist

“Days and Nights Crash Over Me Like Waves: An experimental approach to time, space and the body”


9 January

Thomas Söderqvist, Medical Museion

“Medical Museion: a chapter in my memoirs”



Autumn/ Winter 2019


22 August

Ida Bencke

Co-founder of Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, Copenhagen

“M/others: maternal morphologies”


October 4th

Helene Scott-Fordsmand

PhD fellow, Medical Museion


24 October

Sarah Davies

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

“Science communication as organisational communication: Negotiating ‘branding’, identities, and representations”


31 October

Malthe Kouassi Bjerregaard (Curator), Anne Bernth Jensen (Curator) and Bente Vinge Pedersen (Head of exhibitions & Senior curator), Medical Museion

“Introduction of ”MEET THE STAFF”- guided tours”


7 November 2019

Adrian Van Allen, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C.

“Objects of Knowledge: Crafting Exhibits and Ethnographies in Museums”


14 November 2019

Bente Vinge Pedersen, Medical Museion

“The smell of sweat – the taste of blood”


21 November 2019

Christoffer Muusmann, Natural History Museum of Denmark.

“Designing the new NHM Denmark”


5 December 2019

Birgit Ærenlund Bundesen and Kasper Levin

“Participatory arts in mental health care: How fiction writers and doctors may collaboratively lead creative writing groups for people in psychiatric treatment – findings from a Danish pilot study”



Winter / spring 2019


31st January

Anders Tønnesen and Ingelise Heine Bengtson

Medical Museion/ University of Copenhagen

“Museion Redevelopment Project”


7th February

Adam Bencard and Jakob Lillemose

Medical Museion

“Mikrokosmos/makrokosmos – Exhibition Project in Collaboration with Charlottenborg”


21st February

Lars Feldballe



4th April

Simone Cecilie Grytter

Medical Museion

“On the Inside: Technology, surgery and visualizing the inside of the living body”


11th April

Rosie Stanbury

Head of Public Programmes, Wellcome Trust, London

“What happened in 2007? Life, public space and new perspectives”


9th May

Sven Erik Hansen, Medical Museion

”Tidlig radiologi i København”


16th May

James Wilkes

Poet, writer and researcher, Ex-Associate Director of Hubbub, Wellcome Trust Hub Research Center, London

“Speculative Fiction as Interdisciplinary Research”


13th June

Tim Boon, Science Museum, London

“Science museums and other media: how they have interacted, and how they might”



Autumn / Winter 2018


30th August

Bente Vinge Pedersen

Medical Museion

”Den museionistiske udstilling – hvad er det? Erfaringsopsamling fra ti år med metabolisme og aldring”


31st August

Andrea Bandelli

CEO, Science Gallery International

“Lyrical vs literal: value and impact of art-science programs?”


13th September

Christian Joas

“The Niels Bohr Archive”


25th October

Nathalia Brichet

Medical Museion

“The Cholera Bottle”


8th November

Barbara Nordhjem

Senior Research Officer, Technical University of Denmark

“Emerging perception: tracking the process of visual recognition”


29th November

Nana Fransisca Schottländer, artist

”Post mortem portrætter i opdyrkede jordprøver, en undersøgelse af det, vi bliver, når vi ikke længere er”


13th December

Matthew Collins group



Winter / Spring 2018


11th January

Helle Porsdam

Professor in Law and Humanities, Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen,

“The Right to Science”


1st February

Marianne Achiam

Associate Professor, Institute of Didactics of the Natural Science, University of Copenhagen

“The Role of Scientific Objects in Learning Science#


15th March

Bridie Rollins and Tony Woods

Wellcome Trust

“Presentation of the Hub at Wellcome Trust”


5th April

Margaret Werry

Associate Professor, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, University of Minnesota

“The Performing Dead: what human remains do in (and out) of museums”


12th April

Gunver Lystbæk Vestergård

Journalist at Weekendavisen, PhD in Science Communication

“Science Journalism”


26th April

Henrik Treimo

Senior Curator, Norwegian Technical Museum

“The Things Method”


28th May

Eva Aahren


31st May

Martin Grünfeld and Karin Tybjerg

Medical Museion

“Objects, Collections, Research”


21st June

Ezio de Nucci

Asssociate Professor, Health Services Research, Copenhagen University

“The Control Paradox”


Autumn-Winter 2017


14th September

René Georg Johansen

Ethnographer and filmmaker

Using ethnographic filmmaking to explore and exhibit machinic perspectives in cancer treatment”


9th November

James Riddy and Paul Bonaventura


16th November

Harvey Bewley

Industrial Designer, Associated at IT University

Performing Objects – Designing Machine Body Language”


23rd November

Anne Folke Henningsen

Associate Professor, Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen

Copying human beings – Live-cast mannequins in museum practice”


30th November

Anwesha Chakraborty

Post-doctoral researcher, Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

“The narrative of scientific temper and science museums in independent India: rhetoric, policies, praxis”


14th December

Jacob Lillemose

Curator in residence at Medical Museion

Presentation of Curatorial Practice”


Spring-Summer 2017


12th January

Nana Brøns

Medical doctor and photographer

Within these walls/Come on in, take of your skin (images from Rigshospitalet)”


26th January

Jakob Parby (curator) and colleagues

Copenhagen Museum

Exhibition of Archaeological Skeletons


9th February

Irene Campolmi (curator) and Christian Fogarolli (artist)

Phantom Models: Nervous Connections in the First Human Brain Model”


24rd February

Daniel O’Connor

Head of Humanities and Social Science, Wellcome Trust, London

Love in a Cold Climate: Humanities and Social Science Research Funding in the Current Political Context”


9th March

Mind the Gut team, Medical Museion

Design of the Mind the Gut exhibit at Medical Museion”


16th March

Sara Valle Rocha, artist

Materiality of the Image: Medicine seen through an Artistic Perspective”


22nd March

Eben Kirksey

Convener, Environmental Humanities, UNSW Australia, DECRA Fellow, Australian Research Council

Living Machines Go Wild”


30th March

Mette Houlberg

PhD, Museum Interpreter, SMK (National Gallery of Denmark)

Waiting to be grabbed. Attentionality and Serendipity in Exhibitions”


27th April

David Budtz

Associate Professor and Co-director of The Humanomics Research Programme, Aalborg University, Copenhagen


4th May

Discussion workshop: Reviews of museum literature

Nicholas Thomas The Return of Curiosity (Ken Arnold, Medical Museion)

Elizabeth Hallam The Anatomy Museum (Karin Tybjerg, Medical Museion)


10th May

Marike Hedin

Director of Museum Gustavianum – Uppsala University Museum

The Challenges of University Museums”


18th May

Kasper Risbjerg Eskildsen, Associate Professor in Science Studies, Roskilde University

Libertine Glyptography and Radical Numismatics: Christian Adolph Klotz and German Enlightenment Antiquarianism”


1st June

Nadja Pass, Grundlægger af Borgerlyst – ”samfundslaboratorium, der arbejder for at gøre det nemmere, sjovere og mere spontant at bruge sin handlekraft i hverdagen”


15th June

James Wilkes

Poet, writer and researcher, Ex-Associate Director of Hubbub, Wellcome Trust Hub Research Center, London

“What’s experimental about experimental poetry?



Summer-Autumn 2016


11th August

James Peeto

Head of Public Programmes at Wellcome Collection, London

Projects at Welcome Collection

– followed by short presentations of current projects at Museion: Bente Vinge Pedersen, Audiences at Museion, Adam Bencard & Louise Whiteley, Mind the Gut, Karin Tybjerg, The Body Collected


25th August

Oonagh Quigley

PhD student, School of Museology, University of Leicester

Can a phenomenological framework be used to investigate museum visitor engagement?


6th September

MUSE seminar: Exhibiting / Researching the Anthropocene

– Helmuth Trischler (Head of Research, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Professor of Modern history and the History of Technology, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, and Director at the Rachel Carson Center)

The Exhibition as Output and Generator of Research: The Case of the Munich Anthropocene Gallery

– Jacob Lillemose (Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Art and Cultural Studies and Curator of X AND BEYOND)

Curating a Multi-Disciplinary Disaster Literacy. Practice-Based Research at the exhibition space X AND BEYOND

– Honor Beddard (Curator, Wellcome Collection, London)

Making Nature: a year-long exploration of our relationship with the natural world at Wellcome Collection, London

– Adam Bencard (Curator, Medical Museion, Copenhagen)

A journey along the mind/gut/bacteria axis – exhibiting experimental investigations of the puzzle of the psychosomatic


8th September

Staff from Institute of Forensic Medicine

Aspects of Forensic Medicine (three mini-talks)


5th October

Peter Bjerregaard

Senior Adviser – Section for Exhibition and Research Administration, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo

Assembling the Spark of Life


24th October

Ionat Zurr

Artist and Academic Coordinator at Symbiotica, University of Western Australia

Vessels of Care and Control


27th October

Nathalia Brichet & Frida Hastrup

Postdoc & Associate Professor, Saxo Institute and AURA

Mild Apocalypse – an exhibition and research project


3rd November

Mette Tapdrup Mortensen & Mads Thenøe

Curators at Kroppedal Museum

99xVestegnen – historier om Danmark set fra et museum i forstaden


17th November

Karolina Potoczniak

Light designer, ÅF Lighting Malmö

Hybridising spaces using light as the main design tool. Auditorium at the Medical Museion as a case


24th November

Emma Pettersson, PhD student, Medical Museion

The Pleasures of Tactile Aesthetics


8th December

Hans Dam Christensen

Professor, The Royal School of Library and Information Sciences

TBD (concerning the use of copies in museums)


15th December

Lucy Holt

PhD student, Department for Media, Cognitions and Communication, University of Copenhagen



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