Room for Ageing

Ageing is a basic condition of life. We can never guarantee how our lives will develop, but one thing is certain: we get older year by year, and we will all die one day.

Most of us associate ageing with old age, but ageing is a lifelong process that starts long before we feel old. It is also difficult to say anything definitive about why and how people age. Scientists approach the problem of ageing from different angles, including the impact of our genes, our surroundings and our social relations, as well as the choices we makes during our lives.

As more people get older – and many get very old – public interest in ageing research is increasing. How can we as a society cope with the fact that there are more old people, and that we live longer?

In Room for Ageing we get to grips with ageing – as an existential fact of life and expanding field of research.

The exhibition room is financed by Center for Healthy Aging. You can read more about the centre’s reasearch at