Visits for education groups

Look inside the body, get close to living bacteria, and hear about history’s most important medical discoveries and technological inventions.


A visit at the Medical Museion gives an unusual perspective on the history of medicine. Beginning in our anatomical theatre auditorium where surgeons learned the art of dissection, the visit takes you through exhibitions exploring health and diseases past and present.

Learn more about how people understood their bodies and diseases before the discovery of germs. Explore how technology and innovation have revolutionized the way we care for our bodies in sickness and health. Discover the work of contemporary scientists and how they are changing what it means to be human.


About visits for education groups

Covid-19 has changed the guidelines for visits to Medical Museion. Due to the directions from the authorities, and because Medical Museion is housed in an old building with many small rooms, we cannot currently offer guided tours. During school visits, a guide will make an introduction and a sum up in the museum’s auditorium.

You can visit the museum in school groups of a maximum of 30 participants. Higher education groups can unfortunately not book school group tours at the moment due to authorities’ regulations.

If you wish to book a visit after December 22nd 2021 please contact the museum by phone +45 3532 3800 or e-mail:

THE CLASSICAL focuses on understandings of disease and the body from antiquity to now, from the four humours to bio-chemical reactions.


Practical information

The group visit last 1 hour and with a max. of 30 people. Higher education groups can unfortunately not book school group tours at the moment due to authorities’ regulations.

The education group visits start 10.15 and 14.45. You will get access to the museum for two hours (10-12 or 14-16).


Book a visit for education groups

The visits can be booked in the schedule above. Before you can complete your booking, you must register as a user. This will allow you to change your booking later if needed.


Change your booking

When you book a tour, you register as a user in our booking system. You will receive your login information by email. You can use these log in details to change your booking.



750 DKK per education group visit which includes entrance to the museum for two hours and the guided introduction for your group.



Tuesday – Friday:
10.15 – 11.15
14.45 – 15.45

It is not possible to book school visits during week 26-31 (28 June – 8 August 2021)

Photos: Simon Skipper 


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