A Genetic Crystal Ball? Turning Spit into Data


When? Thursday May 24th 2012, 7.30pm 

Guests? Jens-Ole Bock, Mattias Salling Dahllöf & Signe Marie Jørgensen

Tickets? 50 kr, on sale at Politiken Billet, includes a drink. Sign up for our e-mail list here.


Come behind the stage of a gene test! How do they work? What do they really show? Win your own personal gene test!

Genomic research is big business! At Medical Museion, some 650 used gene chips hang, glittering from the ceiling. The chips that make up this art installation come from a Danish-Chinese research collaboration, which is trying to uncover the complex patterns of genes that might predispose people to developing obesity and diabetes. Today, you can also pay privately to have your own genome tested, and even printed out as a picture for your wall.

But what exactly do personal gene tests tell us? And how are they done? What equipment is needed? Is it difficult? Can you do one in your own kitchen?

Find out how DNA is extracted from blood and saliva, how they genetic variations are identified, and how data from your genes end up as increased disease risk or indicators for blue eyes and curly hair. Handle a fragile gene chip and feel the warmth from a PCR machine. Experience the possibilities and challenges provided by in-depth knowledge of genes!

You can also win a personal gene test (value approx. 3000 DKK)



Body | Medicine | Object

Close encounters of the material kind…


Come to a late night consultation at Medical Museion, and get closer than ever before to objects from the unique historical collections, ranging from amputation saws to human specimens. Encounter mysterious objects from cutting edge medical research laboratories, and explore the devices that are changing the way we live with disease and disability. Meet scientists, artists, and philosophers all trying to make sense of the body and how we manage, treat, and change it. More than a lecture, beyond a tour… Immerse yourself in the stuff of medicine at a new evening event series.