Golden Days Festival Walking Tour: Epiphany on Knippels Bridge 

Thursday September 20th 2012, 5-7.30pm (event in Danish).

This year’s city-wide Golden Days festival jives back into the 1950s, and Medical Museion invites you to join us on a jazz-fuelled walking tour through medical Copenhagen. The tour begins at the beautiful city ramparts overlooking the National Serum Institute, home of some of the world’s greatest medical researchers, including James D. Watson, known for his part in the discovery of the structure of DNA, and Niels Kaj Jerne, who was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 1984. Meet Watson, Jerne and others on the tour, which follows the story of Jerne’s epiphany on Knippel’s Bridge, which fundamentally changed our understanding of the body’s immune system.

The tour culminates at Medical Museion with drinks and sandwiches, and is led by Professor Thomas Söderqvist, Director of Medical Museion and author of a biography of Niels Kaj Jerne.

Tickets available from Billetlugen, 75 kr + fees. Note Tour in Danish. Meet at the corner of Langebrogade and Overgarden Oven Vandet, Christianshavn.


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Close encounters of the material kind…


Come to a late night consultation at Medical Museion, and get closer than ever before to objects from the unique historical collections, ranging from amputation saws to human specimens. Encounter mysterious objects from cutting edge medical research laboratories, and explore the devices that are changing the way we live with disease and disability. Meet scientists, artists, and philosophers all trying to make sense of the body and how we manage, treat, and change it.

More than a lecture, beyond a tour… Immerse yourself in the stuff of medicine.