Discussion: Experience and emotion


[flickr id=”6971945864″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”” align=”left”] After an intense romp through photography, drawing, and breaking, the Look Again… workshop ended with a discussion over beers and snacks. The topics ranged from the difficulty of choosing a photo, or feeling shy about drawing in public, to a debate about peoples’ emotional experiences of breaking the twigs. There were also questions to the artists about their own work, and participants who themselves make art shared comparisons with their ways of working.

This event inhabited the space between an artist’s talk, and an art class for learning techniques: here, people were invited to step into the artist’s process for looking at the world in their particular way. My impression was that this both gave a sense of freedom to experiment, and a sense that different responses to that process were all valuable: no chastisement for getting the perspective or framing wrong here! You can see a short film of the event here.

One of the elements that started to flutter up toward the end of the discussion was the sense of an experience shared; it was a packed evening full of challenges, and as the organizer I was relieved and moved by peoples’ openness to trying something new, together.



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