Photography: Focusing on the overlooked


[flickr id=”6971923568″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”” align=”left”] In the first session of the Look Again… workshop, Mette Bersang kicked off the evening by showing us some of her photographs of the often overlooked spaces of hospitals, homes, and parks. The silence of the audience spoke loudly of the photographs’ bewitching, surprising quality, and the evening light flooding into the auditorium was a perfect backdrop to our encounter with Mette’s use of light to make ‘cuts’ in photographic reality.

Mette then proceeded to shake us up with some eye yoga exercises, stretching our arms wide and squinting at our moving thumbs to explore the limits of our vision. Armed with these physical reminders of the ‘tool’ of vision we scattered through the spaces of Museion, looking for things that might be overlooked, and with the challenge of choosing only one photo to share – an interesting idea in the age of digital snapping… Mette writes:

It was very interesting for me to experience the wonder the participants expressed when being encouraged to spend time looking, when being slowed down in the process of taking a photo.

If you’ve been to Medical Museion, do you recognize the spaces in the photos? If you’d like to contribute to a snap of your own to the gallery, email ">Louise on


Participant photos

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