med tek logo MEDICOTEKNIK – Forty years of Danish biomedical engineering and innovation

High-tech equipment and apparatus are used throughout the healthcare system to diagnose, treat and ameliorate disease. In terms of exports per capita, the Danish medical industry is one of the world’s largest. In this exhibition we display products from 12 Danish biomedical engineering companies, selected by the Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering (DMTS), which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

Some of the companies have been around for a lifetime, others are in the start-up phase. Some serve a worldwide market, whilst others are leaders in a specialised niche. But all achieve excellence.

We are looking over the biomedical engineer’s shoulder to explore the process behind the finished product. This offers insights into how scientific, technological and medical knowledge is converted into usable (and sellable) products, and reveals the integral role of industrial design.

Many of the devices on display emerged through collaboration between research institutions and companies, while the development of others was driven by user-demand. This exhibition takes a close look at the work that goes into inventing, improving, and fine-tuning medical devices that ultimately make life better for people.

The stylized ‟sapphire blue” workbenches are covered with traces of the biomedical engineer’s work: prototypes, hand-drawn sketches and scientific articles that show the way from concept to reality. These works-in-progress are mixed with the finished products: large and small appliances that characterize the past 40 years of Danish biomedical engineering.

The exhibition can be seen on Medical Museion until 29th June 2014.

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