Water damage at Medical Museion


The massive cloudburst of July 2nd 2011 has caused serious water damage to the collections of Medical Museion. It has taken a lot of resources and a great effort by the museum staff to dry objects, documents and pictures. The immediate loss of object is thereby averted.

Now follows the extensive task of of cleaning, conserving and repackaging of the objects, checking registration information, and securely placing objects in safe storage. This is necessary to ensure the objects for the future to make them available for exhibitions, teaching, research and loans.

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Temporary hold on services

The follow-up work will take time and involve a number of museum collections staffers. This unfortunately means that we are forced to temporarily put a hold on:

  • Receiving of objects, documents and photos
  • Answering inquiries of any kind
  • Loans
  • Picture sales

from 21 September 2011 to 1 April 2012.

We will keep posting updates on how the restoration work is progressing. We appreciate your understanding in this extraordinary situation.