Head of Administration and Front of House

Medical Museion is looking for an energetic, methodical and supportive chief consultant to manage our administration, finances, buildings and front-of-house operations, as we enter a new strategic phase of our development.

We are an internationally recognised research museum that reimagines health and medicine by engaging the public, doing research, teaching and working with our collections. Based in Copenhagen University’s Public Health Department www.ifsv.ku.dk, we are also part of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research www.cbmr.ku.dk. In each context, our work helps bridge academic research into society, and adds perspectives from medical humanities to multidisciplinary investigations.

Key objectives
  • Manage Medical Museion’s administration, finances and H.R.
  • Oversee and develop the museum’s front of house team and commercial activities.
  • Oversee Medical Museion’s buildings and infrastructure.
  • Manage operational functions for Medical Museion within K.U., providing key collaborative relationships with Public Health Department, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR), as well as other parts of the Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences and Copenhagen University in general.
  • Contribute and help co-ordinate Medical Museion’s Management Team (MMMT).
Main responsibilities


  • Oversee budgeting and economy (both basis and external grants) – working directly with director
  • Supervise finances, administration, salaries, commercial matters – using university’s finance and administration systems
  • Co-ordinate and provide regular budgetary reporting to key stakeholders
  • Co-ordinate funding applications and approvals through university systems


  • Support & co-ordinate HR function across Museion – oversee policies and advise MMMT on resource management, recruitment, well-being, holiday and absences, salary negotiations, affiliations (guest researchers, visiting scholars, interns)
  • Support admin and financial aspects of research & teaching, collections and programming & communications sections within Medical Museion
  • Oversee contracts and cooperation agreements with external collaborators, quality assurance of contracts, tasks related to procurement, etc.
  • Oversee and streamline house policies, regulations, guidances etc. oversee implementation of organizational processes
  • Manage infrastructure (overseeing liaison with other university agencies) including cleaning, building maintenance, AV systems, security, etc.
  • Key point of contact for relationship building with relevant university colleagues

Front of House

  • Develop and oversee running of front of house team: staff, security, reception, shop, rental, statistics, upkeep etc.


  • Line manage staff within administration and front of house (8-10 FTE and 10 studentassistants), overseeing recruitment, training and MUS etc
  • Responsible for overall coordination of the museum’s public service
  • Active Member of Management Team, contributing to cross-sectional work in Medical Museion, the department and CBMR
  • Establish and maintain contact with external stakeholders
  • Work creatively and with dedication towards interdisciplinary collaboration across numerous professional groups: museum staff in all sections, humanities & biomedical researchers across department, CBMR and rest of university and external collaboration partners.


Person specification: Experience, skills, background


  • Relevant masters degree
  • Proven track record of managing administrative processes (finances, budgeting, staffing & operations), preferably within a research environment
  • Understanding of and experience of proactive involvement in strategic organisational development
  • Proven record of team leadership/management; but equally able to take other roles in teams
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively with experts and professionals across different sectors, as well as in cross-sectional projects and initiatives in diverse teams
  • Flair for numbers and an exceptional care for methodical detailed work
  • Well-developed ability for written and oral communication in Danish and English
  • Pragmatic ability to get involved in all aspects of a middle-sized public institution.
  • Active networking abilities across professional colleagues, preferably from the university environment.


  • Ability to lead meetings, present information, etc.
  • Interest in commercial and entrepreneurial potential of Medical Museion (within university’s protocols and culture)
  • An understanding of the importance of research communication and its techniques
  • Knowledge of medicine, science & health topics, and humanities perspectives