MUSE Workshops

Muse workshops are primarily for staff of Museion and will provide a discussion forum for work-in-progress and questions of importance to Medical Museion. An internal workshop can be:

    • Presentations of research, communication and exhibition projects at Medical Museion with feed-back from colleagues
    • Workshops with guests
    • Exhibition workshops where we discuss an exhibition at another museum
    • Discussions of a book or article
    • Discussions of questions pertinent to Medical Museion
    • … or something else to keep us inspired and on our toes

When and where? Workshops take place in the meeting room on Thursday 12.30-13.30. Feel free to bring your lunch. Workshops can be arranged at short notice, contact Karin Tybjerg with suggestions, or if you would like to attend as an external participant. Note, all speakers are based at Medical Museion unless otherwise listed.


Programme 2017


12th January: Within these walls/Come on in, take off your skin (images from Rigshospitalet)

Nana Brøns (medical doctor and photographer)


26th January: Exhibition of Archaeological Skeletons

Jakob Parby (curator) and colleagues from Copenhagen Museum


9th February: The Phantom Models: Nervous Connections in the Human Brain  (note new time 12-13)

Irene Campolmi (curator) and Christian Fogarolli (artist)


24rd February (note Friday 12-13):  Love in a Cold Climate: Humanities and Social Science Research Funding in the Current Political Context

Daniel O’Connor, Head of Humanities and Social Science, Wellcome Trust, London


9th March: Design of the Mind the Gut exhibit at Medical Museion

Mind the Gut team


16th March: Materiality of the Image: Medicine seen through an Artistic Perspective

Sara Valle Rocha, artist


22nd March: Living Machines Go Wild

Eben Kirksey, Convener, Environmental Humanities, UNSW Australia, DECRA Fellow, Australian Research Council


30th March: Waiting to be grabbed. Attentionality and Serendipity in Exhibitions

Mette Houlberg, PhD, Museum Interpreter, SMK (National Gallery of Denmark)


27th April: Open Science og Open Media 

David Budtz, Associate Professor and Co-director of The Humanomics Research Programme, Aalborg University, Copenhagen


4th May: Discussion workshop: Reviews of museum literature

Nicholas Thomas The Return of Curiosity (Ken Arnold)

Elizabeth Hallam The Anatomy Museum (Karin Tybjerg)


10th May (Note Wednesday – 12-13): The Challenges of University Museums

Marike Hedin, Director of Museum Gustavianum – Uppsala University Museum


18th May: Libertine Glyptography and Radical Numismatics: Christian Adolph Klotz and German Enlightenment Antiquarianism

Kasper Risbjerg Eskildsen, Associate Professor in Science Studies, RUC


1st June TBA (Top-secret Before Announcement)

Nadja Pass, Grundlægger af Borgerlyst – samfundslaboratorium, der arbejder for at gøre det nemmere, sjovere og mere spontant at bruge sin handlekraft i hverdagen


15th June What’s experimental about experimental poetry?

James Wilkes, Poet, writer and researcher, Ex-Associate Director of Hubbub, Wellcome Trust Hub Research Center


Past workshops:



21st January: Personalising Medicine: Philosophical perspectives on science and society

Sara Green (postdoc, Institut for Naturfagsdidaktik, KU)


28th January: Optimering af website

Annika Holme and Daniel Noesgaard


4th February (note different time 14-15.30): The measure of everything – detecting and defining disease in the post-genomic era

Stuart Hogarth


18th February (note: pre-circulated paper): Thinking Things Through: reviving museum research

Ken Arnold


25th February: Images of practice, images in practice: The role of birth figures in Justine Siegemund’s midwifery manual (1690).

Rebecca Whiteley (Art History, University College London).


10th March: Livets mindste – Jean Comandon og filmisk mikrobiologi

Emil Leth Meilvang (Institut for Erkendelse, Medier og Formidling, KU)


31st March:  ‘Trust Me I’m an Artist’ – presentation and discussion of exhibition, panel debate, and workshop plans

Malthe, Louise, Karin


21st April: OU(VERT)

Jens Hauser


2nd June Towards evidence-based exhibition design and visitor experiences

Morten Skydsgaard (Steno Museum, Aarhus University)


23rd June: Participation as pandering?: Hal Foster’s “After the White Cube” (discussion workshop)

Introduction by Adam Bencard


30th June: How can we make an (mini) exhibition about the Kintsugi of medicine in old age?

Anne Bernth Jensen, Anne Kathrine Bastrup, Bente Vinge Pedersen


11th August: Projects at Museion and Welcome Collection  (note different time 14-15.30)

James Peeto (Head of Public Programmes at Wellcome Collection, London),  Bente Vinge Pedersen, Adam Bencard, Louise Whiteley & Karin Tybjerg


25th August: Can a phenomenological framework be used to investigate museum visitor engagement?

Oonagh Quigley (PhD student at School of Museology, University of Leicester)


6th September (note 13-15)

MUSE seminar: Exhibiting / Researching the Anthropocene


8th September: Aspects of Forensic Medicine (three mini-talks) (note 13.30-14.30)

Staff from Institute of Forensic Medicine


5th October: Assembling the Spark of Life (note Wednesday 10:00-11:00)

Peter Bjerregaard (Senior Adviser – Section for Exhibition and Research Administration, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo)


24th October (Note Monday 14-15.30): Vessels of Care and Control

Ionat Zurr (Artist and Academic Coordinator at Symbiotica, University of Western Australia)


27th October: Mild Apocalypse – an exhibition and research project

Nathalia Brichet & Frida Hastrup (postdoc & associate professor, Saxo Institute and AURA)


3rd November: 99xVestegnen – historier om Danmark set fra et museum i forstaden

Mette Tapdrup Mortensen (curator at Kroppedal Museum)


17th November: Hybridising spaces using light as the main design tool. Auditorium at the Medical Museion as a case

Karolina Potoczniak (Light designer, ÅF Lighting Malmö)


24th November: The Pleasures of Tactile Aesthetics

Emma Pettersson


8th December: Our Museum – Assembling a large museological research project

Hans Dam Christensen (Professor, The Royal School of Library and Information Sciences)


15th December: Man as Machine

Lucy Holt (PhD student at Department for Media, Cognitions and Communication, University of Copenhagen)




22nd October: Gina Czarnecki: A brief history of current practice

Gina Czarnecki (BioArtist and participant in “Trust me I’m an Artist”,


29th October: Aldringsrummet og aldringsspil

Anne Bernth Jensen, Kathrine Baastrup & Annika Holme


5th November: Værdiredningsplanen – hvad er museal værdi og hvordan sikres viden?

Ion Meyer


12th November: Comments on the Exhibition “A Beautiful Lie – Eckersberg” at the National Gallery (SMK) (exhibition workshop)

Malthe Boye Bjerregaard


17th December: Comments on the exhibition “Storm” at the Maritime Museum (exhibition workshop)

Ane Pilegaard


23rd June: Preparations

Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (Professor, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)



> October 23rd 2014: Healthy aging in social media

Speaker: Annika Holme

> September 25th 2014: Sense Ageing: Developing an experimental event series on ageing

Speaker: Hanne Boll Overgaard

> September 18th 2014: Interdisciplinarity and Research Communication

Speakers: Morten Bülow and Louise Whiteley

> August 25th 2014: Welcome to the Anthropocene: The Earth in Out Hands

Speakers: Helmuth Trischler (Head of research at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany)

> August 18th 2014: Afterlife: The Decomposition of Bodies

Speakers: Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead (FrenchMottershead)

> May 22nd : 1000 Handshakes: Mapping the microbes between us

Speaker: Professor François-Joseph Lapointe (University of Montreal and Visiting Artist at Medical Museion)

> May 15th : Fleshing out the Self: On Gendered_Sexed Body Modifications in Medical Contexts During the 20th Century

Speaker: Marie-Louise Holm (PhD-student at Tema Genus/Gender Studies, Linköping University, Sweden)

> March 6th : Discussion of the Exhibition Concept to MetaScent

Speaker: Annette Stenslund

January 16th Pictures from visits in the Fragonard Museum at the veterinary medicine school in Maisons-Alfort and at the former royal surgical academy in the Faculté de Médecine, Paris Descartes in central Paris

Speaker: Sven Erik Hansen



> December 10th (note Tuesday): Designing Health

Speaker: Sabine Wildewuur (Director of the Creative Care lab at the Waag Society in Amsterdam and the curator of the Designing Health exhibition)

December 5th: Rethinking Museum Expertise

Speaker: Line Breian (Universitetet i Tromsø / Tromsø Universitetsmuseum)

> November 14th: Human Curiosities: Creating Meaningful Interactions with Medical Collections

Speaker: Mannon Parry (Assistant Professor in Public History, University of Amsterdam)

October 3rd: Art between Synthetic Biology and Biohacking: Searching for Media Adequacy in the Epistemological Turn (plans for postdoc in Copenhagen)

Speaker: Jens Hauser

September 19th: Collections, activities and plans at the Semmelweis Museum

Speaker: Benedek Varga (Semmelweis Museum, Budapest)

> 29th August: Koncept for Medico-tek udstillingen

Speakers: Bente Vinge Pedersen og Niels Christian Vilstrup

> June 13th: Plans and Strategies for the Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy at University of Bialystok

Speaker: Magdalena Grassmann (Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy at University of Bialystok)

> May 31st (note Friday): Presentation of the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology

Speaker: Ryan Jefferies (curator, Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology)

> May 24th (note Friday): Epigenetic Landscapes in the Anthropocene

Speaker: Susan Squire (The Pennsylvania State University)

> May 8th (note Wednesday): Movement in tubes – Mechanical objectivity in the graphical method and laparoscopy in 1950s gynaecology

Speaker: Ramona A. Braun

> May 2nd: Come closer! Smell and atmosphere at Museion

Speaker: Anette Steenslund

> April 25th: Constructing Open Genomic Research Laboratory

Speaker: Daniel Noesgaard and Thomas Söderqvist

> April 11th: What can computational science learn from Lucien Freud?

Speaker: Annamaria Carusi, Institut for Sundhedstjenesteforskning, KU

> April 4th: Collection Policy at Museion

Speaker: Niels-Christian Vilstrup Møller

> March 14th: Dissection behind closed doors: The opening of corpses of generating and generated bodies in 17th century in informal or domestic settings

Speaker: Signe Nipper Nielsen, Saxo Instituttet, KU

> February 21st: The Open Psychiatric Collection

Speaker: Peter Meedom

> January 24th: On the edge of systemic collapse and the birth of collaborative science!

Speaker: Allan Alfred Birkegaard Hansted, Videnskabsstudier, RUC

> January 23rd (note Wednesday): Picturing the Brain: Perspectives on Neuroimaging

Speaker: Aud Sissel Hoel, Dept. of Art and Media Studies, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

> January 17th: Methods for investigating Tactile Aesthetics

Speaker: Emma Persson

> January 3rd: Peptide-collection from the Carlsberg Lab: Conversation, Crowd Sourcing Curation and Exhibition Proposal

Speaker: Nanna Gerdes and Thomas Söderqvist



> December 18th: Bridging Anatomy and Modern Biomedicine in Exhibiting Human Remains

Speaker: Karin Tybjerg

> December 13th: Sensory Anthropology

Speaker: Chris Salter, Concordia University, Montreal

> November 22nd: Fedme – Hvad er problemet? Udstillingens mål og midler

Speaker: Bente Vinge Pedersen and Ane Pilegaard

> November 8th: Experiences and Lessons Learned from Teaching Science Communication to Public Health Students

Speaker: Nina Bjerglund

> November 1st: Rethinking Disability Representation in Museums and Galleries

Speaker: Jocelyn Dodd and Richard Sandell

> October 30th: Social Media and Medicine – The Frontier

Speaker: Bertalan Meskó

> October 11th: Aesthetics of Health Care Technology and What that Means for Me

Speaker: Sara Krugman

> October 25th: Identity Formation in Type 2 Diabetes Patients via Social Media

Speaker: Adrian Bertoli

> September 20th: Aging and the Monstrous

Speaker: Morten Hillgaard Bülow

> August 30th: “Animals on Display. A Slavoj Žižek and Donna Haraway modified cultural analysis of the encounter between subjects and nature-culture artifacts in the exhibitions of the Zoological Museum.

Speaker:  Mette Kamille Ipsen

> July 5th: Aesthetics and Science Communication

Speaker: Adam Bencard

> June 28th: Biohacking and the Studiolab Project at Medical Museion

Speaker: Rüdiger Trojok (DTU)

> June 27th (note Wednesday): Collections Development at UCL: Past, Present and Future

Speakers: Lauren Sadler, Jayne Dunn, Nick Booth & Subhadra Das (University College London)

> June 12th (note Tuesday): “Science in the Making” and “Ready Made Science” on Display

Speaker: Mads Kring

> May 25th (note Friday): Metabolism, Hunger and Surgery through Different Methodological Lenses

Speakers: Louise WhiteleyBente Vinge Pedersen and Niels Christian Vilstrup-Møller, and Line Hillersdal and Bodil Just Christensen (PhD Candidates, Institute for Food and Resource Economics, Copenhagen University)

> May 16th (note Wednesday): Ontologies of ageing: Historical and new materialist perspectives on ageing research

Speaker: Morten Hillgaard Bülow

> May 10th: Changing Gender Differences: Morphine in Denmark, 1860-1960

Speaker: Jesper Vaczy Kragh

> April 24th (note Tuesday): Medical Sensations: Building an Exhibition About Medicine and the Five Senses

Speaker: David Pantalony (Adjunct Professor, University of Ottowa and Curator, Canada Science and Technology Museum)

> April 12th: Public Health Science Communication and Social Media

Speaker: Nina Bjerglund

> March 29th (note 13.30-14.30): The Image of the Doctor – Discussion of an Exhibition Project

Speakers: Gert Almind, Astrid Møller-OlsenThomas Söderqvist

> March 22nd: Preview of Papers for Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology

Speakers: Adam BencardLouise WhiteleyAnette StenslundKarin Tybjerg and Thomas Söderqvist

> March 15th: (IM)MATERIAL SPACES – Ideas for a Practice Oriented Research Project

Speaker: Ane Pilegaard

> March 8th: Science Communication – Dangerous Simplifications?

Speakers: Lone Frank (Author and Science Journalist)

> March 1st (note 12.00-13.30): Baumgarten, Everyday Aesthetics and Science Communication

Speakers: Søren Kjørup (Professor, Institute of Communication, RUC), Thomas Söderqvist and Adam Bencard

> February 9th: Human Remains – Discussion of an Exhibition Concept

Speakers: Adam Bencard, Ion Meyer and Karin Tybjerg

> February 2nd: Surgery-Diabetes – Presentation of Exhibition Plans

Speakers: Bente Vinge Pedersen and Ane Pilegaard

> January 26th: Collection Policy at Regensburg and Museion

Speakers: Roland Wittje (Associate Professor, University of Regensburg), Niels Christian Vilstrup-Møller and Thomas Söderqvist

> January 19th: Vision and Touch – Presentation of a Research Project

Speaker: Jan-Eric Olsén