Medical Museion image archive

Medical Museion image archive includes paintings, prints, drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs, miscellaneous pamphlets, advertisements cuttings etc. The archive contains Denmarks largest collection of medical portraits, photographs of hospitals, clinics, correctional facilities, etc. A smaller part of the material has already been digitized. The pictures cannot be lent for private use, but digital versions can be ordered at


All noted prices are excluding VAT

Service 1. image Following
Images from the digital image archive 400 kr./image 100 kr./image
Scans from the archive 500 kr./image 200 kr./image
Photographing objects or interiors as well as video recordings Photographing and video recordings can only be made upon agreement and price varies, as the museum does not have a professional photograph affiliated

We offer a 25% discount to governmental or state museums.

There is 50% discount to employees at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen and employees of hospitals and pharmacies.

It is your responsibility to ensure that copyright compliances are followed. In publications, it must clearly state that works / objects belongs to Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen, and information on photographer, title of work, dating, and the artist’s name. Permission for photography are only given for the intended purpose and does not include the artist or his heirs consent. Photo material may not be re-edited, transparency flattener or electronic manipulated without special permission.