About Medical Museion

At the museum you will find exhibitions and events about bodies and minds, health and illness through the ages. Medical Museion is located in the heart of Copenhagen at the Royal Surgical Academy, dating from 1787. In this building, modern Danish medical science was established. The museum is part of the University of Copenhagen and is an internationally recognized
university museum. Through science, art, and history, the museum builds bridges to the latest research.

Why Medical Museion
In 2004, the museum was renamed from the Medical-Historical Museum to Medical Museion to emphasize its role as a university museum. The name “Museion” originates from Greek and refers to a place for collections, exhibitions, research, and teaching.

The museum building was originally the Royal Surgical Academy (1787), which was a school for surgeons. Generations of surgeons have sat on these benches and been taught how the human body looks and functions. In 1842, surgical education merged with University of Copenhagen, and the Faculty of Medicine moved into the buildings. Over the next hundred years, the auditorium was the centre of medical education in Denmark.

The teaching included lectures and exercises in dissection, where the professors revealed the inside of the body to their students. The students came from all over the Kingdom of Denmark. After graduation, most spread out across the country as doctors or surgeons, while others continued their studies and became researchers – some even receiving Nobel prizes.

The number of medical students increased in the first half of the 20th century, and there was no longer room to teach them all at the Academy. The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences therefore moved to new buildings in Nørrebro. The Medical-Historical Museum then took over the buildings and in 1969 the museum opened to the public.

We house both temporary and permanent exhibitions as well as smaller installations.
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We regularly invite you to events about the body, health, and disease, though mostly in Danish
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Introductions to Medical Museion
Our skilled guides are ready to give a short introduction to the museum and our exhibitions.
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Medical Museion holds many collections – many more than can be seen at the museum itself. The collections show the development in health sciences over more than 200 years.
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Children and families
At Medical Museion, we have several offers for children and families. You can join a treasure hunt at the museum or take part in the changing events and activities made specifically for children and their families on school holidays.
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