Current Exhibitions

We house both temporary and permanent exhibitions as well as smaller installations. Here, you can form a general view of what you can experience at Medical Museion.


The Body Collected

Fetuses, skeletons and DNA. The exhibition presents a large selection of historical collections of human remains from the 18th century till the present day.

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Mind the Gut

Our brain and bowels are under examination. The exhibition focuses on the complex relationship between mind and gut through a thought-provoking blend of science, art and history.

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Corona will also be history one day

Until August 2024

The exhibition traces threads back in time, reflecting a year with Covid-19 in the mirror of past epidemics.

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Udstilling Balance og stofskifte på Medicinsk Museion. Foto: Morten Skovgaard

Balance and Metabolism

Bodies are a center of attention today. The media focuses on bodies that are healthy or ill – obese or skinny, addicted or detoxed, fit or unfit, natural or manipulated. But what makes a body healthy? Using objects and images from the unique collections at the Medical Museion, this exhibition showcases two different understandings of the body in the history of medicine.

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The exhibition THANK YOU was created by Danish TV- and radio hosts Flemming Møldrup and Mads Steffensen for the national television programme “Treasure Hunt at the Museum”; the museum has given advice, offered our collections and lend exhibition space at the museum. In the exhibition, visitors are presented with exciting stories, objects and people – as well as ethical dilemmas. The exhibition is an attempt to thank all the people and animals, which have lived, fallen sick and put bodies to medical sciences before us; all the soldiers, who had their body parts amputated without anesthesia in dirty barns, all the guinea pigs who have been smeared in carcinogens, and all the people, that ended in museums or as educational models, before we discussed consent – all the people and animals, whose bodies are the base of our present knowledge.

Psychiatry Room

Straitjackets and an electric shock device. Much has changed over the last 50 years. But the important questions are still up for discussion: What is the psyche? How do life history, chemistry, genetics and the outside world play together?

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Life leaves its mark. We get bumps and bruises, and sometimes suffer injuries or breakdowns. We can be patched up and send into the world where the scars and repairs become testimonies to the lives we have lived. This exhibition explores how medicine and technology repair our fragile bodies.

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Øjet der ser. VR på Medicinsk Museion


This mini exhibition must be felt and listened to. It consists of historical and contemporary means of communication used by people with blindness and impaired vision. Unheard of for a museum exhibition, you are allowed to touch the objects. In 2022, a VR-experience has been added to the exhibition, which shows, how it is to live with eye diseases, color blindness and visual disorders.

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