Research and seminars

In the last couple of years, our research group has expanded and evolved. You can visit our project pages Projects+, and please click here to visit our staff gallery for individual interests and publications. Read more about our research here


Medical Museion is responsible for the Videnskabsteori (Theory of Science) course for the Bachelor programme in Medical Engineering. The course takes place in our anatomical lecture theatre every January. Associate Professor Karin Tybjerg is the course leader.


Medical Museion offers elective courses on the Master of Public Health programme in the Department of Public Health.

Science Communication: 
Each Autumn we offer a course in Science Communication. Associate Professor Louise Whiteley is the course leader, but in 2014-2015 Postdoc Morten Hillgaard Bülow is running a special course in Science Communication and Interdisciplinarity, funded by the KU2016 Cross Disciplinarity and Teaching project.

Medical Humanities: 
Each Spring we offer a course in Medical Humanities. The first version in 2015 has a focus on Posthumanism. Assistant Professor Adam Bencard is the course leader.


Medical Museion is part of the Graduate Programme in Medicine, Culture and Society.
The programme brings together three sub-programmes in Medical Humanities, Medical Science Communication and Medical Science and Technology Studies, and students at Medical Museion also investigate issues in curation and Museum Studies.
More information about courses, students, supervision, and other opportunities can be found on the programme website.
If you have any questions relating to potential PhD research at Medical Museion, Associate Professors Louise Whiteley and Karin Tybjerg are supervisor representatives for the programme, and you can find contact details for potential supervisors and current students at Medical Museion on our staff page.


Medical Museion staff can potentially supervise Bachelor, Master, and PhD thesis projects in their research areas. For more information and contact details for individual researchers, please visit our staff gallery.
For more information about the Medicine, Culture, and Society PhD programme hosted partly at Medical Museion, please visit the programme website. Our current PhD students can be found in the staff gallery.


Museion staff give guest lectures across the University of Copenhagen in science communication, medical humanities, and about their personal research interests.
We also participate in Folkeuniversitetet, on History of Medicine courses for General Practitioners, and provide hands-on experience to students of Curation.
On arrangement, Medical Museion can provide specially tailored tours and lectures for visiting groups of students, focusing on the study, use, and understanding of medical collections and museum spaces. Fees apply for the tours and use of the auditorium.