Museion in May – busy month!

A week into my most recent spell as director at Medical Museion and it is clear that May 2018 will be a hectic month - mixing new public exhibitions, a conference on an unusual approaches to research and a major new collections project.

One of the smaller rooms in our Academy building now presents photographs of domestic and scientific life from the early 20th century alongside handsome portraits of Niels Bohr’s parents (the famous Danish physicist, who grew up here).The display highlights how the life scientific and ordinary family lives once co-existed in our house-museum.

We are also in the process of preparing a new exhibition – adding colour to one of our currently empty rooms. STOFSKIFTER or Metabolic Machines will be the first Danish showing of the work of Austrian artist Thomas Feuerstein. It will feature two of his futuristic sculptural machines –biological sculptures in which sugar becomes art.
And on 23 May, delegates from a dozen countries will join our conference ‘Transdisciplinary Research: What next, and why’. In collaboration with the HUB at Wellcome, we will be hearing about unusual research projects that mix academic disciplines with input from beyond the university. We’ll be asking who benefits from this type of work and where it might go next.
And in the meantime, we have also welcomed the first of our new recruits to help us with a major cataloguing and storage project.
Lots going on!