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Podcast: The Sound of Microbes

Since the late 19th century humans have felt like they were at war with microbes. But in recent years we’ve realized that they are important collaborators in health. Not only do they help us preserve food, bake bread and brew beer, but the majority of microbes that live in and on us actually help keep us healthy. With the podcast 'The Sound of microbes' we want to explore the many weird and wonderful ways that humans and microbes collaborate.

Not just ‘germs’

Listen to the weird and wonderful
alliance of humans and microbes

The podcast ‘The Sound of microbes’ explores the complicated relationship between humans and microbes, through interviews with a philosopher, chef, biomedical scientist, artist and holistic health coach.

Love-hate relationship with microbes
Humans have long had a love-hate relationship with microbes – fighting the ones that cause disease, while nurturing the ones that make our food taste delicious. But recent research suggests that the picture isn’t so black and white – the mixtures of microbes living on and in us are vital to our wellbeing in complex and surprising ways.

About the podcast
The podcast ‘The Sound of Microbes’ investigates the ways that we can listen to what microbes have to tell us about our health and food systems, and about how to cultivate care across species and societies. On this journey, host Associate Professor Louise Whiteley visits holistic health coach Adina Beer, chef David Zilber, philosopher Joana Formosinho, scientist Mani Arumugam and artist duo Baum & Leahy.

The podcast is produced by Marie Chimwemwe Degnbol and Cecilie Glerup in collaboration with Medical Museion. Project management, script, editing, sound design and hosting by Marie Chimwemwe Degnbol and Cecilie Glerup. Host Louise Whiteley is Associate Professor at the Medical Museion and Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research at the University of Copenhagen, where she carries out research into science communication

 Practical information

  • Find the podcast wherever you listen: on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and more. You can also listen on Medicinsk Museion’s website.
  • This a special English edition of the podcast series – originally produced in Danish – by Medical Museion, supported by a Velux Foundation Core Group award for “Microbes on the Mind” and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) at the University of Copenhagen. See more at Microbes on the Mind (ku.dk)