Workshop on Food Cravings and Food Aversions

22. March, 2023 - 24. March, 2023

Have you ever felt like snacking pickles and oranges? Or do you suddenly hate toothpaste and raw onion? We would love to hear from you and invite you to an interactive event the 22nd or the 24th of March where we will gather information about pregnancy cravings or aversions.

Workshop on Food Cravings and Food Aversions

Aim of the event
The aim of this interactive event is to give people the opportunity to learn from others about what causes pregnancy cravings and aversions as well as help finalize the research methods for a later scientific study on this topic. As a group you will share your experiences and trial some of the scientific methods used to investigate these eating behaviors, including a smartphone application, questionnaire, as well as scents of different foods.


  • Brief introduction about the event and research study
  • Group discussion about pregnancy cravings, aversions, and their possible causes
  • Break time with refreshments provided
  • Test a food craving app and questionnaires
  • Smell and test various food scents

Practical information

  • Who: Women who are currently pregnant or have been pregnant and experienced food cravings and/or food aversions during their pregnancy
  • Each session will go from 12.30-15.00.
  • Duration: 2,5hr
  • Date: 22nd OR 24th March.  You only need to come one of the days
  • Location: Medical Museion – Bredgade 62, 1260 København K
  • Language: Danish or English
  • Compensation: 500kr to all participants not employed at UCPH.
  • Questions? Contact Erica Eberl

Please complete this questionnaire to sign-up for the event. Registrations close Sunday 12th March or until all spots are filled.

PhD project at the University of Copenhagen
These workshops are part of a PhD project at the University of Copenhagen titled Investigating dietary changes, food cravings and food aversions during pregnancy. The first part of this project involves collecting knowledge from women who have been, or currently are, pregnant, as well as researchers and health professionals specializing in pre-natal care. The second part of this project is a human study conducted at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) to determine the causes of pregnancy cravings and aversions. It is important to note, that you can attend this workshop without any obligation to participate in the human study.

People behind the project
The PhD project is funded by CBMR in collaboration with the Medical Museion. Erica Eberl is the primary researcher and is a PhD fellow at CBMR as well as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and member of Dietitians Australia. All researchers involved have completed the necessary training to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Your participation in this workshop will go directly towards developing the first ever human study investigating pregnancy cravings and aversions.