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In the last couple of years, our research group has expanded and evolved. You can visit our project pages by clicking here, and please click here to visit our staff gallery for individual interests and publications.

Medical Museion is a combined museum and interdisciplinary research group, and the relationship between the two is at the heart of our identity. Our disciplinary backgrounds span medical humanities, history and philosophy, museology, anthropology, science studies, science communication, and arts and design research. Common interests include medicine and the body as both topic and material culture; how the worlds of laboratory, clinic, and everyday life interrelate; and how these themes can be exhibited and collected. Projects provide places for differing perspectives to meet, and for an ongoing attention to what kinds of knowledge we produce and for whom.

The group is led by Professor Ken Arnold, and in 2019 consists of 3 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professor, 2 Postdocs and 5 PhD students along with Professor Emeritus and previous director Thomas Söderqvist, guest researchers, interns, and collaborators. Our graduate students are part of the Programme in Medicine, Culture, and Society, and we also offer supervision for Bachelor and Masters thesis projects.

Medical Museion is a Section of the Department for Public Health in the Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, and also hosts CBMR‘s Program for Metabolic Science in Culture.


Text as technology

Text as technology

Text as technology for care and understanding is an upcoming PhD course, asking what ‘text’ is, and how and when ‘text’ matters in practices of education, medicine, care, hybrid art, exhibitions and research. To explore these questions and their implications, we bring...

We are colonizers and colonized

We are colonizers and colonized

You are a colonizer – and so am I Look around you. What did you touch before opening this blogpost? What are you touching at this very moment? Perhaps you are sitting on a chair, leaning up against a wall, touching your phone or typing on the keyboard in front of your...


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