Children and families

At Medical Museion, we have several offers for children and families. You can join a treasure hunt at the museum or take part in the changing events and activities made specifically for children and their families on school holidays.

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Is the
museum appropriate for children?

Medical Museion is for everyone, who has an interest in the body and the treatment of diseases throughout history. Parts of the collection contain objects, which can seem vehement or overwhelming. These objects have been an important source for health professionals to gain knowledge about health and disease throughout time.

When you visit the museum with children, it is important that you assess yourself if you and your children should avoid certain parts of exhibitions. You are very welcome to ask for advice in the ticket sale upon arrival.

Holiday activities

On school holidays, we have a changing offer for children and families. Sometimes we open our study collection, where you can hold a real human skull and medical equipment that are a hundred years old. At other times, you can play conservator or draw objects from the museum.

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  • Omvisning på Medicinsk Museion

Treasure hunt at the museum

Every day

Children and childlike spirits can try our treasure hunts where you will have to find a number of objects spread across the museum. You will be handed the material in the ticket sale, and then you can start hunting for wastewater, broken bones and cholera.

There are two treasure hunts to choose from. One leads you to the body up close in the different exhibitions of the museum. The other will lead you through history and epidemics across time.

The activity is suitable for families with children aged 7 or older. It is free to participate once the fee has been paid and it is available on all days, where the museum is open.

  • Skattejagt på museet

    Skattejagt på museet

  • Børn på museet_Foto Ewa Godlewska

School visits

Children and youth also have the possibility of visiting Medical Museion with their courses. We have a number of guided tours for schools from 7th grade and upwards.

Read much more about our tours for schools here.