Goodbye to The Living Room

21. June, 2023

Medical Museion's experimental project The Living Room is closing. To say a suitable farewell to a project full of life, Medical Museion invites you to an evening of artist talks, newly produced art films, and bubbles.

In 2021, Medical Museion opened its doors to The Living Room – an experimental space with unusual encounters between medical objects and living organisms. In a cellar at the museum, moisture, fungi, larvae and mites have been allowed to decompose objects that are normally preserved for conservation in a museum. Pink oyster mushrooms have been growing in discarded medical books, and wax moth larvae have eaten through plastic waste from laboratories in multisensorial art installations. Now, artists, conservators and researchers say goodbye to The Living Room, and you can join too.

Read more about The Living Room here.

Program (all talks will be in Danish)

19:00-19:15: Intro talk: The Living Room og afslutningens ulidelige uafsluttethed (Martin Grünfeld)
19:15: Film screening: Border Haunting (decomposed version) by Maria Brænder
19:35: Talk: Introduction to ”Weird excavation” (Eduardo Abrantes & Tim Flohr Sørensen)
19:50: Film screening: Weird excavation by Eduardo Abrantes, Tim Flohr Sørensen, Amalie Schjøtt-Wieth, Martin Grünfeld
20:15: Talk: Digital Materialities (Karen Harsbo, Malene Bang, Oskar Koliander and Maibritt Borgen)
Then: Reception and last possibility to visit The Living Room.

Degradable sculptures, contemporary archaeology and dying film reels

Contemporary archeologist Tim Flohr Sørensen and artist Eduardo Abrantes will tell how an excavation constituted a form of parting with the dynamic installation Worm dome, which originally hosted plastic-eating wax moth larvae, but which developed into a habitat for mold and mites over time.

The art group Digital Materialities from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts tells about the development of their degradable, 3D-printed, mycelium-based sculptures Daphne, as well as how they work with sustainable materials in a world over-burdened with stuff.

You can also experience the art movie Border Haunting by the artist Maria Brænder. The analog film has been submerged in a slimy parboil of remains of sweat and fungi and since put aside, rinsed, dried, prepared, scanned and edited again. The movie examines the borderlands between the individual and its entangled coexistence with microbes, other organisms and surroundings.

Practical information:
When: 21. June, 7-9 PM
Free, no registration required
Where: The auditorium, Medical Museion