Guided tours for institutions of tertiary education

At Medical Museion, you can book guided tours for education groups about the culture and history of medicine. We’ll always start in the auditorium, where past surgeons received their education. Thereafter, the students will be guided through exhibitions about past and present understandings of disease and health. They will get the chance to have a look inside the body, come close to live bacteria and hear about the most important discoveries and technological innovations of the medical sciences.

You can book a tour/visit in the form and read more about our different tours further down the page

About the tours

The Classical
The Classical guided tour presents understandings of disease and the body from antiquity to now, from the four humours to biochemical reactions. The tour is for you if you are interested in a large overview of medical history and will bring you to many parts of the museum. Learn about the history of surgery, enemas against melancholia and about how bad air caused Cholera.

The Body Collected
This guided tour presents a large collection of human remains from the 18th century to now. The tour is for you if you are interested in human anatomy and ethical dilemmas in modern medicine. Hear about how fetuses with malformations were collected in 19th-century maternity wards, how forensic experts investigated causes of death, and about modern biobanks. This tour unfolds the exhibition The body collected.

Mind the Gut
This guided tour shows how doctors, scientists, patients, and artists have studied and treated the complex relationship between the mind and the gut. The tour is for you, with an interest in the newer research on bacterial cultures and conversations between art and science. Hear about the discovery of stomach acid, homemade faecal transplants, and the attempt to detect anxiety in mice. This tour unfolds the exhibition Mind the Gut.

Epidemics in Denmark
This guided tour presents several major disease outbreaks in Danish history in the exhibition Corona will also be history one day. The tour is for you with an interest in the history of epidemics and in how individuals and societies battle disease. Hear about COVID-19 in Denmark, about mass vaccination against smallpox in 18th-century Denmark, and about the world’s first intensive care unit that arose in Copenhagen following a polio outbreak in 1952. Read more about the tour.

The tour provides new perspectives on our recent experiences with COVID-19 and offers an opportunity to look back on what happened. This is the departure point for the assignment “My COVID-19 self-portrait”, which is available for school groups after the tour. Bring the assignment back to the classroom as a completion of the visit to the museum.

Practical information

A guided tour for education groups lasts 45 minutes and the price includes both entrance and tour. You can visit the museum in an education group of 30 participants maximum.
In case you are more than 30 persons, it is possible to book two guided tours in the same timeslot, which will each have its own guide.

Price for guided tours for education groups

Guided tours for education groups of max. 30 participants costs 750 kr.


You can book the tours tuesday-friday at 10.15 am, 11.30 am, 1.15 pm and 2.45 pm.

How to book a guided tour for education groups

The guided tour can be booked on this page in the form above. Before you finish your booking, you’ll have to create a user. In that way, you can change your booking later.

How to change your booking

When you book a tour, you’ll simultaneously create a user in our booking system. Once you’ve created the user, the login information will be sent to you via mail. In the form above, you can press the button “See / Delete existing bookings”. Then you will be able to log in and change your booking. If you are having issues, please call us and say hello at 35 32 38 00 (mon-fri 10 am-2 pm) or write us at Our booking system is not always easy to navigate.