Let it bubble, bubble, bubble

The movie ’Cutlet and Love’ 1936

0 sec. – 17 sec. [Cheerful music]

Man: But tell me now, tell me, can you really fry? You do not look very intelligent to me.

Woman: What one does not have in the head one must have on the pan. [Short burst of laughter] The pan I have here! The cutlet I have here! But the most important…

Man: And what is that?

Woman: …I have here.

Man: Aha! OMA margarine!

Woman: First, it needs a knob; the pan needs to feel good. Look how it is melting and spreading on the pan as the loveliest, finest pearl foam on the sea. One can say I am a mother-of-pearl.

[Cutlets are put on the pan and are sizzling]

Woman: It is line in the revues. Lots of salt and pepper, haha. And now there is exactly what is supposed to be. Now you can believe uncle, now the cutlets have it good. Look how fine the pearl foam settles on the meat. Look! How thousands of teeny tiny bubbles cover the pores so that all the juice and power stays in the meat. So for all of us it is about keeping our juice and power. And now, now we are only missing one thing. Now I need to rock the little one.

[Cheerful music]

[Singing] Take your pan, take a cutlet, it is not enough to be full,
The kitchen’s art has always been, the food is supposed to taste right.
Take your OMA margarine, without it the home is not a home!
Turn on the burner, and then butter your pan, fry with pith and forget.
Let it bubble, bubble, bubble, as long as the bubbles are small,
As long as it is granduated, all is going to be well.
Use it, and then your sense, let it bubble a little on the pan,
That is how the woman finds the man, as long as the bubbles are small!
If a woman really is smart she makes the heart into her kitchen nook,
She never needs to be a cookbook anymore.
As long as she uses OMA margarine, she is lucky with everything on a stove,
In her kitchen, she creates happiness with her kitchen culture.
Let it bubble, bubble, bubble, as long as the bubbles are small,
And if the heart bubbles as well she will get who she wants!
When into life she steps, you need to remember the joys of the table,
Happiness is found everywhere, as long as the bubbles are small!

[Cheerful music]