Obesity – What’s the problem?

4 October 2012 – 2 April 2017

The exhibition tackles one of the biggest health issues of our time: Obesity and overweight. Why is it so hard to get rid of the fat, once it’s there?

Billede fra udstillingen Fedme

Fedme / Obesity

About the exhibition

We read headlines every day, about how overweight is a threat to public health, because many people risk getting chronically ill from comorbidities such as type-2 diabetes, cancer and high blod pressure. If you question researchers closely, however, no one can put the deciding finger on, why more and more are getting heavily overweight.

The exhibition is not a recipe for a flat stomach, but, on the contrary, an exploration of what the problem really is.

In the health sciences, researchers work intensively to solve the riddle, and just in the past five years, several discoveries have been made, which raises hopes that the big breakthrough is just around the corner. The exhibition explores the problem from several angles, to show how obesity has been understood and treated, in the past and present. Simultaneously, the exhibition will engage in the newest research and, maybe, lift a corner of the veil on the future.

The exhibition takes the Gastric Bypass operation as a starting point. In the mid-1990s, a group of doctors discovered, that this exact surgical operation cured patients with type-2 diabetes almost immediately. This unintended effect of the operation, which was ordained to support a weight loss, has led to new research in gastrointestinal hormones and their meaning for the body’s metabolism and can therefore lead to a new understanding of the causes behind obesity.

Obesity – What’s the problem?

Medical Museion opened the new exhibition “Obesity – what’s the problem?” in the beginning of October 2012 (it can no longer be experienced). The exhibition did not hand out a recipe for a flat stomach, but was, rather, an exploration of what the problem really is. Watch an introductory movie here (in Danish)

Medicinsk Museion åbnede den nye udstilling Fedme – hvad er problemet? i starten af oktober 2012 (den kan ikke længere opleves). Udstillingen gav ikke opskriften på en flad mave, men var derimod en udforskning af, hvad der egentlig er problemet. Se en introfilm til udstillingen her. 

Sneak peek in the exhibition Obesity – What’s the problem?

This movie shows clips from the first days of the exhibition (in Danish)

Behind the exhibition

The exhibition was made by a group from the staff of Medical Museion:  Bente Vinge Pedersen, Niels Christian Vilstrup-Møller, Nanna Gerdes, Ane Pilegaard Sørensen and Sven Erik Hansen with the help of many experts from The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Hvidovre Hospital and others.

From the opening of the exhibition

Opening: Obesity – What’s the problem?

Ulla M. Wewer is head of the faculty and bids welcome. Hear her opening speech here (in Danish)

Thorkild I. A. Sørensen’s speech on obesity and the diabesity-epidemic

Thorkild I. A. Sørensen’s speech on obesity and the diabesity-epidemic, the merging of diabetes and obesity, at the opening of the Medical Museion-exhibition Obesity – what’s the problem?

sammenfaldet af diabetes og fedme (obesity), ved åbningen af Medicinsk Museions udstilling Fedme – hvad er problemet?