The Body Collected (EN)


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Exhibition catalogue accompanying Medical Museion’s anatomical exhibition The Body Collected. This catalogue brings together a series of new and archival texts by a vast group of researchers, medical doctors, and museum staff. The human specimens are photographed by the Danish artist and photographer Nicolai Howalt.

The human body has been collected for medical research and teaching during the last centuries, and body parts have been prepared, preserved and conserved. The exhibition The Body Collected presents a large selection of Medical Museion’s historical collections of human remains from the 18th century to now. The oldest specimens come from research collections of fetuses, skeletons, bones, organs, and histological samples. The latest arrivals are biopsies, cells, and DNA, as preserved in biobank freezers.

Catalogue edited by Karin Tybjerg. With contributions by Karin Tybjerg, Ion Meyer, Gorm Greisen, Morten Hillgaard Bülow, Adam Bencard, Sven Erik Hansen, Niels Chr. Bech Vilstrup, Bente Vinge Pedersen, Jørgen Tranum-Jensen, Malthe Kouassi Bjerregaard, Erik Clasen-Linde, Klaus Qvortrup, Anne E. Lykkesfeldt, Lasse Boding, Bent Nørgaard Pedersen, and Thomas Söderqvist. Photos by Nicolai Howalt. Graphic design by Nanna Arnfred.

118 pages, illustrated

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