Venue Hire

It is possible to rent our auditorium as well as reception room for meetings, events, cultural activities etc. You can either rent both rooms or just one depending on the type of event. The auditorium can accommodate up to 120 people. The reception room can accommodate up to 70 people.


Please be aware of the following

  • It is possible to borrow the auditorium free of charge for academic events within the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
  • Medical Museion does not rent out rooms for events that, based on an overall assessment, significantly diverge from the mission and values of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
  • Medical Museion does not rent out rooms for events with commercial or profit-making aims
  • Medical Museion does not rent out rooms for campaign events or for events of a political, religious, etc., nature.
  • Medical Museion does not rent out rooms for private events.

Please read all the terms and conditions below, before you request for venue hire.

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Contact Charlotte Riel, booking and event coordinator, at +45 35 32 38 00 or

The Auditorium

The well-preserved anatomical theater is located in the Royal Surgical Academy. From the round rows of benches, the future surgeons could follow the lectures in dissection and anatomy. At the same time, the auditorium is a characteristic and elegant example of the best in neoclassical architecture. The Royal Surgical Academy was designed by the architect Peter Meyn and built in 1786-87. Today, the auditorium is used for teaching, lectures, dissertation and PhD defenses, as well as concerts and other cultural activities.

Size: 112 m2

Number of guests: Max. 120 people

Benches: There is little legroom and it is difficult to sit on the hard and small benches for more than two hours without a break.

Staff: You will have an AV assistant/security guard in the room during the entire event, as well as at least one staff member to receive guests at the entrance.

Decorations or other equipment: Must be agreed upon in advance. What we allow is based on safety regulations.

Access to the room: The renter has the room from 15 minutes before the event till 15 minutes after.

AV package: Projector, canvas, speakers, 2 wireless head-set microphones, 1 wireless handheld microphone, PC, laser pointer. Computers can be connected to a projector via HDMI or VGA. HDMI is recommended as the quality is far better. Audio is connected in the case of HDMI through the HDMI connector and in the case of VGA via minijack. Do not change the settings of our AV.

The Reception Room

The reception room is located almost right by the auditorium. The room is suitable for simple receptions or breaks in connection with eg. doctoral and PhD defenses, teaching and events in the auditorium. The room can be rented for a minimum of 2 hours. The room can also be rented for meetings for 8-12 persons. The room has a projector, PC and access to wifi. Any catering must be brought along and delievered on the day, and you need to book our staff to help setting up, plate and clean the tables.

 60 m2

Number of guests: Max. 70

AV: In the room, projector and PC with HDMI access and wifi will be at your disposal. Please bring USB along yourself.

Tables: 6 tables of 64 x 120 cm. and two extra tables to place the catering on. You can order a disposable tablecloth in good quality if desired. The long table is placed in the middle of the room.

Staff: The staff plate the catering, and cleans up the room afterwards. They do not serve, nor cook. But everything else they are helpful with.

Meals: Any catering must be brought or delivered on the day, and staff must be booked to help set up, serve and clean up. All food should be ready to serve and easy to handle standing up. Please state who the supplier is and when they deliver. We have no agreement with suppliers.
All serving dishes, food and wine leftovers must be removed on the day. Alternatively, one must have a prior agreement on pickup.

Refrigeration facilities: We have a large fridge (no freezer) for storing drinks, but the food should be delivered ready to serve on the day.

Service: We have champagne, wine and water glasses for 90 people. In addition, we have coffee cups and small plates, also for 90 people . We have a single champagne cooler, but no ice for this. We have cutlery for 50 people.

Posters and decorations: You must bring your own flowers for decoration. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to hang anything on the walls, but one or two brought-in stands are allowed.

End time: The tenant has the room from 30 minutes before the event, and our staff will ask all guests to pack up and leave the museum approx. 10 minutes before the end time, so everyone has left the museum no later than 15 minutes later than this.


At least two persons from the museums staff must be present during the whole period of the venue hire. The number of staff present is decided by the number of guests at the event and is therefore a fixed price, which follows the structure of the event. Because of this, the total price for venue hire at Medical Museion will always consist of at least administrative fee, rent and staff. Beyond that, extra expenses for service and cleaning can arise, depending on the type and size of event.

Costs for venue hire:
Administrative fee 500,00
Auditorium pr. time 1.250,00
Receptionslokale per hour 750,00
Staff per room:
Up to 30 guests per hour 1.200,00
Up to 60 guests per hour 1.800,00
Up to 90 guests per hour 2.400,00
Up to 120 guests per hour 3.000,00
Additional costs for cleaning or rental of table cloth may be applied Price as arranged


Policy and Terms

The Medical Museion (MM) is a combined public museum and research unit that is part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. The museum is housed in a listed building, which means that special requirements apply when hiring the museum’s facilities. Any and all hiring of rooms must pay due heed to professional standards, fire safety and the preservation of cultural heritage.

When hiring out rooms, MM must approve the purpose and use in order to ensure proper engagement with, representation of and use of exhibitions, artefacts and rooms.

This document describes the general policy and terms of hire for rooms at MM.


  1. Room-hire policy at MM

The hiring of rooms at MM is subject to the University of Copenhagen’s general rules for room bookings. Within this overarching framework, the following specific policy applies to MM:

  • Both internal and external users can book the auditorium and reception room.
  • External users cannot generally book the auditorium and reception room during times/periods when the museum is undertaking activities in them, with the exception of events that are of particular relevance to MM.
  • The auditorium can be booked during MM’s opening hours. However, this incurs a fee to cover closing the auditorium to the museum’s other visitors. The same condition applies if there is an exhibition in the reception room.

The following conditions also apply:

  • MM does not rent out rooms for events that, based on an overall assessment, significantly diverge from the mission and values of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
  • MM does not rent out rooms for events with commercial or profit-making aims
  • MM does not rent out rooms for campaign events or for events of a political, religious, etc., nature.
  • MM does not rent out rooms for private events.
  1. Rooms

The following rooms are available for hire:

  • Auditorium – 112 m2, capacity 120 people
  • Reception room – 60 m2, capacity 70 people

Hiring of the above rooms entails the right to use them during the agreed period. The Hirer may not sublet the room to third parties.

MM has a small kitchenette. It is possible to provide your own catering, subject to agreement with MM.

  1. Prices

A minimum of two MM employees must be present at all times during the hire period. The number of employees present is determined by the number of guests and is a fixed cost for the event. See price list.

  1. Owner

When entering into an agreement to hire the above rooms, the contract is with the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Medical Museion, Bredgade 62, 1260 Copenhagen K tel. 3532 3800.

Bookings are made via

  1. Access

MM’s rooms do not have lifts or other facilities that enable access for people with mobility difficulties. The rooms are therefore unsuitable for this group.

  1. Cloakroom and toilets

Coats and bags must be stored in MM’s cloakroom, where lockers are available. Items are stored at the users’ own risk. Two public toilets are available for use.

  1. Technology, electricity, sound and lighting equipment

The following AV equipment is available in MM’s auditorium:

  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Speakers
  • 2 wireless headset microphones
  • 1 wireless handheld microphone
  • PC
  • Laser pointer.
  • Computers can be connected to the projector via either HDMI or VGA. HDMI is the recommended option for higher quality. When using HDMI, audio output is via the HDMI cable; with VGA, a separate mini-jack connection is required.

MM cannot accept responsibility for the setting-up or functionality of external computers connected to the projector via either HDMI or VGA.

For larger events, the Hirer is generally permitted to use their own equipment, as long as it does not pose any risk to the exhibitions, the public or the building. The Hirer must be aware of the special surroundings when using bright light, loud noise or large equipment. This includes, for example, ensuring that fire escape routes are unobstructed, preserving artefacts, not inconveniencing neighbouring buildings, etc. If the Hirer wishes to use their own equipment, they must send the following to MM: list of equipment, description of equipment, a plan for and sketches of the setting up and removing of the equipment. MM must approve the Hirer’s equipment. A written agreement must be signed before any equipment can be set up. MM may charge additional fees if the Hirer wishes to use their own equipment.

  1. Special conditions for recording film and video, etc.

Before any recording takes place, its purpose, intention and message must be communicated to and approved by MM. In addition, the producer must inform MM of the distribution channels.

MM should also be informed if the recording has a sponsor or if it will feature product placement.

  1. Catering

Food and drink may not be brought into MM’s exhibition space or auditorium. Catering must be provided in the reception room. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that this requirement is respected. The Hirer bears responsibility for any damage or cleaning due to the requirement not being respected.

The Hirer may bring food and drink with them and prepare it in MM’s kitchenette. MM does not have extensive kitchen facilities.

  1. Hirer’s responsibilities

Rooms may only be hired by legally competent individuals.

The Hirer is responsible for any regulatory or other form of approval related to the event that may be required. The Owner is in no way accountable for any expenses related to the above.

The Hirer is also responsible for obtaining permission for events that may pose an inconvenience to MM’s neighbours.

MM is not responsible for the electricity supply to the event. The Hirer may, at their own liability, use MM’s sockets. The Hirer accepts responsibility for any damage to the sockets, relays, etc. Before the event, the Hirer must assess whether the electricity supply at MM meets their needs.

The Hirer must not affix anything to the walls, floors, display cases, etc. The Hirer accepts responsibility for any damage to paintwork, artefacts, floors, walls, etc. caused by the use of tape, adhesive, marker pens, paint or similar.

The Hirer will be held responsible for any damage that occurs during the hire period and cannot be attributed to normal wear and tear. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to museum artefacts, kitchen equipment, tableware, other moveables, fixtures, tables, chairs etc. The Owner will calculate any compensation for damaged tableware, fixtures, etc. based on the current replacement value. The Hirer must familiarise themselves with the general insurance conditions in relation to museum artefacts; cf. point 17.

The Hirer undertakes to ensure that there is no vandalism of museum property or artefacts. The Hirer bears responsibility for any vandalism that may take place during the hire period.

Any repairs to damage must only be made at the Owner’s discretion.

  1. Conduct

In addition to the above, the following rules of conduct must be observed during the hire period:

  • The Hirer should be mindful of the fact that the museum is housed in a listed building. As a rule of thumb, everything should be treated with great care.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on museum premises.
  • Tables and chairs must not be taken outside.
  • Windows and doors must be closed after 10pm.
  • Any music should be adjusted to levels that do not cause disturbance to local residents. No loud music may be played after 10pm.
  1. Post-hire handover/cleaning

At the end of the hire period, the premises must be in at least the same condition as they were at the start, unless otherwise agreed. MM is responsible for cleaning and tidying up after the event, unless otherwise agreed. As per point 3 (prices), MM may charge a fee for cleaning.

  1. Electricity, water and heating

The hire price generally includes the cost of electricity, water and heating. However, an additional fee will be charged if the use significantly exceeds reasonable expectations.

  1. Terms and conditions of payment

Payment will be requested by invoice. No additional charges beyond the agreed hire price will be requested at the point of payment.

Payment deadline: Within 21 days of the event.

  1. Right to annul

When booking the premises, the Hirer has a statutory right to annul within 14 days of the booking/conclusion of the agreement. After the expiry of the statutory right to annul, the agreement is final and can no longer be annulled.

Should you wish to apply your right to annul, you must notify the Owner.

An acknowledgement will be sent immediately upon receipt of your notification.

  1. General cancellation policy

Cancellation must always be notified in writing. This encompasses annulment, as well as any reduction, shortening or other similar significant changes to the agreed booking.

In the event of cancellation, the following fees will apply:

  • Cancellation 31–60 days prior to the booking: No fee
  • Cancellation up to 30 days prior to the booking: 25% of hire price
  • Cancellation 11–29 days prior to the booking: 50% of hire price
  • Cancellation 1–10 days prior to the booking: 90% of hire price
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the booking: 100% of hire price

MM is indemnified in relation to the expenses for any special services agreed upon.

In the event of a no-show, the full price for the booking will be charged.

  1. Subject to change

Any room-hire agreement concluded more than six months prior to an event is subject to potential changes in price and to modifications of the terms and conditions. 

  1. Insurance

The Hirer must, at the Owner’s request, present an insurance policy that covers any potential damage to the museum’s artefacts, furniture or rooms. This will generally be required if the hire relates to parts of the museum other than the auditorium or reception room.

  1. Breach of agreement

If one party materially breaches its obligations under this Agreement, the other party may immediately terminate the Agreement. Regardless of whether the Agreement is terminated as the result of a material breach on the part of the Hirer, UCPH is entitled to claim compensation under the general rules of Danish law. If the Agreement is terminated as the result of a material breach on the part of UCPH, the only consequence of this shall be that UCPH repays the amount received from the Hirer.

  1. Complaints

All complaints must be submitted to Complaints must be received by within three months of the event. After three months, the deadline expires.

  1. Personal data

Data is processed in accordance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. Your name, address and e-mail address, along. with information about which product you purchased, will be stored for five years. Third-party information is NOT shared with or sold to third parties.

Data controller: Medical Museion, Fredericiagade 18, DK-1310 Copenhagen K, Denmark, CVR 29979812. Transparency and objections cf. the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. As a data subject, you always have the right to transparency, and you are entitled to object to a data record under the provisions of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.