The COVID19 epidemic is already a historical event, and one of the worst health crises of recent times. As the main museum of the cultural history of medicine, it is Medical Museion’s responsibility to document the epidemic for our future understanding.

Here is how you can contribute

What will we collect?

The museum will collect objects from the medical landscape – from hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, and research centres. We do not expect to hear from you until the pandemic is over, but when machines and protective equipment are no longer needed, we are interested in including them in our collection. But even now, we are interested in hearing about special objects, indispensable aids or other medical items that characterize this difficult time.

How can you donate to the Medical Museion?

If you have an object that tells us about the corona epidemic in Denmark, you can suggest that the Medical Museum collect it when the epidemic is over. To donate a physical item, fill out this contact form:

An employee from Medical Museion will follow up your inquiry and contact you. However, due to the epidemic, the time horizon for this is very uncertain. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that all physical things will be collected. The items that are collected will be added to the museum’s collections and will be preserved for future use in research and dissemination.

Daily life with Corona

Do you want to contribute text, pictures or audio to give an insight into what everyday life looked like during the corona epidemic in Denmark
The National Museum, Medical Museion and several other institutions encourage everyone to write in detail about their lives – where they work, what conversations they have and what they think about the crisis. All that may seem trivial now is precious knowledge for future generations. You can participate in this project here:

Citizen research

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have started the project, Standing Together – At A Distance. They will explore how the corona crisis and the shutdown affects our well-being and mental health, including feelings of anxiety, loneliness, quality of life and social interaction.

In collaboration with Medical Museion, Politiken, and other partners, this research project is based in citizens’ perspectives, via surveys, interviews, and inviting people to upload drawings, videos, and audio responses. The project will continually share results in public, with media partner Politiken and other online platforms.
You can join the project here


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