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Using Wordle to create a blogroll cloud for my blog links

Like many other blogs we here at Biomedicine on Display have a long list of (potentially) useful life science and health/medical blog links—all those sites which together constitute the hypertextual inspiration base for our web presence. It would be great if these could be visualised as a blogroll cloud (like a tag cloud or a category cloud). So far […]

Like many other blogs we here at Biomedicine on Display have a long list of (potentially) useful life science and health/medical blog links—all those sites which together constitute the hypertextual inspiration base for our web presence.
It would be great if these could be visualised as a blogroll cloud (like a tag cloud or a category cloud). So far I haven’t seen one, but last night, when I was playing with the new Wordle text cloud generator (see earlier post here), I used it to see what our blogroll would look like in cloud format.
First I created a cloud out of a net list of my 35 favourite blogs (using ~ between the words which is Wordle’s way of keeping words together in sentences):

Then I manipulated the picture a little (literally manually!). By repeating the names of my most-favourite blogs 2, 3 or 5 times I could produce a weight-effect:
Both look great, I think! Much better than most blogrolls I’ve seen so far.
It’s still just a dummy, because at the moment Wordle cannot make the links clickable (or make the size of the blog names correspond to the number of times one had visited the blogs), but I’m sure Jonathan Feinberg (the software engineer who has designed Wordle) can find a solution to that problem with some hard code work.
Then I tried something else. I pasted the whole list of blogs without using the ~ character—i.e., all singular words in all names on our gross list—into Wordle’s input window. This procedure visualised like this:
and like this (Wordle has a huge reportoire of fonts, layouts and colours):
These word clouds looks nice too, but they are nevertheless disappointing because the gross blog list (below) contains many more words than those that Wordle processed into the single word clouds. For example, the words in Pimm: Partial Immortalization, Bioephemera, The Sterile Eye and many others aren’t there. Apparently, Wordle only accepts rather small chunks of text. Or maybe it has excluded singulars? (Added 21 July: Oops, I had overlooked the ‘maximum words’ function, thanks Jonathan for drawing my attention; see comment below).
Anyway, it’s a fun way of producing a visualised blogroll. And with some added functionalities (e.g., clickability) it could be turned into a useful WordPress widget.
Here’s the raw unassorted gross list (it has been accumulated over some time so there may be some dead links and other inaccuracies as well):
3quarksdaily A Blog Around the Clock A chance to cut is a chance to cure A float floor RN A Healthy Dr. Sam A Hearty Life A k8, a cat, a mission A Natural Scientist A Repository for Bottled Monsters A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag AAGL medical society About a nurse About life with Diabetes Academic blogs Accelerating Future Adam Bosworth’s Weblog Adaptive Complexity Addicted to Medblogs Advanced Technology Advances in the History of Psychology Adventures in Ethics and Science Aetiology Aggravated Doc/Surg Ah yes, Medical School Ain’t chicken Ah yes, Residency AJOB’s Bioethics.net Al Fin All About Me All Blogged Up: A Moof’s Tale All Roads Lead To Oneself Always listen to your pig-puppet Ambulance Driver American Society for Reproductive Medicine Anatomy on the Beach Ancora Imparo And the world Turns Andart Andrewkrueger Ann Myers Medical Center Another room Anti Aging Backboard and Bandaids Backreaction Bakker’s Blog Bayblab Bee Policy Beer with chocolate Belaray Dermatology Betablokker Bibaholic BibMed Blog Big Leather Couch bikers & coffee shops Biocurious Bioephemera Bioethics weblog Biohacking Biology in Science Fiction Biomedbiblog Biomedicine on Display BioPoliticalTimes Biosingularity Bitacora Medica Bloc de Bellvitge Bloc de Farmàcia Blog Award Blog Village Blog, MD Blogborygmi Bloggernity Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting Bohemian Road Nurse Borneo Breezes Botany Photo of the Day Brainblog Brandice.Net BreathingThroughSchool Bright Lights, Cold Steel Brookings’ SciTech Buckeye Surgeon Buridan’s Ass Canadian Cynic Canadian Medicine Cancer Genetics CAP’s Science Progress Carbon-based curiosities Carl Zimmer’s The Loom Catalogue of Organisms Cathy’s Place Ceclia’s Blog at PHD Comics Cells in Culture Chance to Cut and Cure Chaosmachine Charity Doc ChemBark chem-bla-ics Chemforums Chemical blogspace Chemical Musings Chemistryworld ChemJerk ChloroformRag Chrysalis Angel Chymico-Physico Elucidations Circ and Serve Clinical Cases and Images Clinical Evidence, Searching Tidbits, and Other Minutiae Clinical Genetics Blog Cocktail Party Physics Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse Coffee 2 go Cognitive Daily Collective Contemplations Collision detection Complex Medium Conference.archimuse.com Confessions of a Science Librarian cornucopia Corpus Callosum Cosmic Variance Cosmic Variance Counting Sheep Crazy Working Mom Critical Biomass Cron Diary Crushing krisis Cubik’s Rube Curious cat Cut to Cure Davidrothman.net Declan Butler DermDoc Det perfekta tomrummet Dia Diabetes Mine Digital Heritage Digital Pathology Blog Dinosaur Musings Director’s blog (Walters Art Mueum) Disappearing John Disgruntled Julie: A PhD in Progress Dispatches Culture Wars Dispatches from Suburbia DNA direct Doc Around The Clock Doc in the machine Doc Russia Doc’s Girl Doctor Anonymous Doctor David’s Blog Doct
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