What is Medical Museion?

Part of the University of Copenhagen

dørenMedical Museion is a combined museum and research unit at the University of Copenhagen. The museum was founded on a private initiative in 1907 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Danish Medical Association with a public exhibition of historical medical artefacts.  It remained a public museum until 1918, when it was taken over by the University.

Today, we belong to the Department of Public Health, which in turn is part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

An exhibition and event site

Medical Museion’s main exhibition and event site is located in Bredgade in the inner city of Copenhagen. The museum is placed in the former Royal Academy of Surgeons from 1787 and adjacent buildings in Frederiksstaden, a Copenhagen neighbourhood, which is a candidate for inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Our permanent and temporary exhibition area is approx. 1000 sq.m. Read more about our exhibition portfolio.

We also have a satellite exhibition area in the main building (the Panum building) of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences on Blegdamsvej, 2 kilometers from the main site..

A research unit

The focus of Medical Museion’s research programme is medical history, medical humanities, medical science communication and medical museology. We have currently about 15 researchers, including PhD students, attached (see staff list).

Collections of historical artefacts

Medical Museion has one of the biggest and richest historical collections of medical artefacts  in Europe. The collections contain 150,000 — 250,000 artefacts, depending on what counts as a individual artefact. We also have a large image collection, a document archive, and a historical book collection.

A virtual museum

Medical Museion has been online since the late 1990s. The internationally recognized Biomedicine on Display blog was launched in November 2004, and a Danish blog, Museionblog, was started in 2007.

This website (www.museion.ku.dk), launched in October 2011, combines the traditional website with our two blogs into an integrated WordPress platform, which also displays our presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.