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Psychiatry Room

The Psychiatry Room is an experiment. We have closed down our old permanent psychiatry exhibition, but instead of putting up a new one, we have created a hybrid between exhibition, open collection and inspiration room.

The psychiatry room is a room in motion, and its there to ve used. We open the room in a beta version, which we will continue to work on and in, developing and experimenting. (This page is under construction).

The new room has five functions:

1) Open storage room.

2) Acquisition room.

3) Inspiration room.

4) Meeting room.

5) Thought provoking room.

The people behind (and in) the room are: Professor emeritus and former director of Medical MuseionThomas Söderqvist (idea and project responsibility), senior curator Niels Christian Vilstrup-Møller (curator and project manager), conservator Nanna Gerdes (conservation work), senior curator Daniel Noesgaard (science check), assistant professor Adam Bencard (philosophical considerations), cand.mag. Peter Meedom (research) and cand.mag.stud. Astrid Mo (web).

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