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How do you create a larger-than-life dress out of pills? This short film shows artist Susie Freeman of Pharmacopoeia doing just that. Knitting on her old industrial machine, comparing pill fabrics, and putting them on the dress base.

Together with Dr. Liz Lee she has weaved a dress made of ten years of prescription pills for two women, one from Denmark, the other from the UK, with metabolic syndrome, i.e., the combination of, among other diseases, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

The artwork tries to visualize and provoke our understanding of life with this complex cluster of metabolic diseases, using the pill as a material trace and symbol of the immense impact such a diagnosis has on the everyday life of the patient.

From October 11th the finished artwork will on display in the entrance hall of Medical Museion.



Exhibition opening and art science performance on [Bacterial] Culture Night

Exhibition opening and art science performance on [Bacterial] Culture Night

  • Friday 10 October 2014, 18.00-24.00
  • As part of Culture Night, Prof. François-Joseph Lapointe will perform the second version of 1000 Handshakes - come along and be part of a new performance work and scientific experiment exploring the bacteria between us. Find out more about the original performance here.
  • New exhibition Hello Bacteria! featuring #1000handshakes will also be opening on Culture Night #hellobacteria
Light Break
Light Break is based on the light therapy developed by doctor and Nobel laureate Niels Ryberg Finsen ​​in the late 1800s. Artist Nicolai Howalt was inspired by this part of medical history to work with the sun in his photographic practice. In a series of unique photographic work he examines and makes visible the invisible part of sun light, both its life-giving and destructive rays.