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How do you create a larger-than-life dress out of pills? This short film shows artist Susie Freeman of Pharmacopoeia doing just that. Knitting on her old industrial machine, comparing pill fabrics, and putting them on the dress base.

Together with Dr. Liz Lee she has weaved a dress made of ten years of prescription pills for two women, one from Denmark, the other from the UK, with metabolic syndrome, i.e., the combination of, among other diseases, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

The artwork tries to visualize and provoke our understanding of life with this complex cluster of metabolic diseases, using the pill as a material trace and symbol of the immense impact such a diagnosis has on the everyday life of the patient.

From October 11th the finished artwork will on display in the entrance hall of Medical Museion.



  • Thursday 20. November 2014, 8-9.30 pm
  • Talks & Live Drawing event, dkk  50,  incl. 1 glass of wine
  • Four young ageing scholars present recent findings in the interdisciplinary field of ageing research whilst their insights are interpreted and drawn live by graphic novel artists. NB! Event in Danish.
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Me, myself, my wife, and the bacteria between us

Me, myself, my wife, and the bacteria between us

  • Wednesday 15 October, 15.00. Free with museum entrance or KU ID card. Talk in English. 
  • Looking for something to do in the Autumn holiday? Come to Medical Museion and hear Canadian artist and scientist François-Joseph Lapointe talk about self-experimentation, the ‘microbiome selfie’ artworks on display in the exhibition Hello Bacteria!, and whether we should consider microbes an essential part of our identity….
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Living is about breathing, and breathing is about smelling. Inhaling and exhaling smell. Smelling something, and smelling of something. We all smell different, anybody and everybody. Come and have a sniff and explore how humans smell, in both senses of the word, when healthy and when sick.