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The last 50 years have seen a critical discussion on a vital topic: What are we doing to the world? This exhibition inverts that questions and asks: What is the world doing to us?

The starting point is new biomedical research, which is deepening the understanding of our bodies, our health and their relationship to our environments. But the conversation about the research findings cannot be contained within science itself. It spills over into art, history, culture, philosophy and politics. Together, they open up new ways of understanding the entanglements of bodies and world.

The exhibition consists of four thematic sections: Time, Space, Microbes and Generation. Each section contains artworks as well as historical and scientific objects. They work together to ask curious, complex and difficult questions about what it means to have and be a body in an entangled world.

The exhibition took place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg 30 September 2021 – 16 January 2022. This is an online version of the exhibition.

Verden er i dig Photo by David Stjernholm

This section of the exhibition explores how body time is influenced by our environment. Ranging from the science of chronobiology to the workers’ movement and the experience of sleep, it considers how bodily rhythms are at the center of human experience.


This section explores the science of our entanglement with the microbial world, as well as the many cultural and historical relationships we have had with it. It is a complicated story: Microbes have been enemies, bringers of disease that need to be strictly controlled. They have been allies in our kitchens, and helpers in laboratories. But what might it mean if we have to include them in how we understand the human body? How might we imagine ourselves as ecosystems?


This section explores how scientists and artists have researched and imagined the human body in space from the early 20th century on. They have aimed to better understand the effects of going into space, the risks they entail, and the questions they might contain. Lift-off!


The science of epigenetics is still very unsettled, but it suggests that our bodies are more porous and permeable than we might think. And that our bodies are the result of generations of environmental interactions. That what you eat today might affect your children tomorrow. That where your grandparents grew up might be affecting you now. This section explores some of the questions and feelings this science raises, telling stories of generations linked through food, experiences and environments

Film: Uncovering the exhibition

Experience the behind-the-scenes journey of the exhibition’s creation through this film. Join curators Adam Bencard, Jacob Lillemose, Kristin Stirling, and Malthe Kouassi Bjerregaard as they talk about the exhibition’s four themes.

Photos from the exhibition


In connection with the exhibition, we produced four podcasts with the Danish newspaper Politiken. In this podcast series, together with researchers, artists, and individuals with personal experiences, we explore how our surroundings influence us.

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Verden er i dig – MAMA-test


Kunstnere/Artists: Sonja Bäumel, Baum & Leahy, Heath Bunting, Andrew Carnie,  Marcus Coates, Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen, Anna Dumitriu, Tine Friis & Eduardo Abrantes, Kathy High, Maya Sialuk Jacobsen, Mogens Jacobsen, Luke Jerram, Mary Maggic, Isabella Martin, Ralo Mayer, Mediated Matter Group/Neri Oxman, Susan Morris, Katie Paterson, Bradley Pitts, Till Rabus, Lucy McRae, Kaitlynn Redell, Guston Sondin-Kung, Jenna Sutela, Jiwon Woo, Pinar Yoldas.

Videnskabelige samarbejdspartnere/Scientific Collaborators: Nadja Albrechtsen, Kirsten Bayer Andersen, Mani Arumugam, Stephen Ashcroft, Susan Bailey, Romain Barrès, Jonathan Robert Belanich, Dmitrii Borisevich, Darja Dobermann, Amy M. Ehrlich, Fabian Finger, Zach Gerhart-Hines, Rebecca Hinrichsen Jeberg, Uffe Gråe Jørgensen, Michael Lindholm, Leonidas Lundell, Sophia Metz, Lonnie Grove Pedersen, Maria Hauge Pedersen, Jessica Preston, Lewin Small, Rosita Suenson, Petar Vladimirov Todorov, Mario Garcia Ureña, Juleen Zierath

Udlån/Lenders: Aeroplastics – Brussels, Arbejdermuseet, Bayer AG – Bayer Archives Leverkusen, Brorfelde Observatorium, Danish Aerospace Company A/S, Institut for Mikrobiologi – Københavns Universitet, Institute of Ecotechnics, Københavns Museum, Mars-gruppen – Niels Bohr Instituttet – Københavns Universitet, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NASA, Nybo Lab – Institut for Ernæring og Idræt – Københavns Universitet, The Russian Academy of the Sciences, Steno Museet – Science Museerne – Aarhus Universitet, UCLA Film and Television Archive, Wellcome Collection

Samarbejdspartnere/Collaborators: Barbara Adam, Bloom – festival om natur og videnskab, Cinemateket, Dr. Julie Sascia Mewes, The Microbes on the Mind research group – Medicinsk Museion – støttet af Velux Fonden, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) – Københavns Universitet, Politiken


Idé/Concept: Adam Bencard, Jacob Lillemose

Kuratorer/Curators: Adam Bencard, Malthe Kouassi Bjerregaard, Kristin Hussey, Jacob Lillemose

Udstillingsarkitekt/Exhibition Architect: Anne Schnettler

Grafisk design/Graphic Design: Schønning Jart

Produktion/Production: Niels Vilstrup, Kristin Hussey & Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Opbygning og ophængning: Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Konservering og montering/Conservation and mounting: Nanna Gerdes, Anders Klitgaard

Lysdesign/Lighting Design: Gadget Group

Visuel identitet/Visual Identity: Studio C

Forskningsplakater/Posters: Sofie Louise Dam

Podcast: Anne Clement, Astrid Hald, Nanna Hauge Kristensen

Tekster/Texts: Adam Bencard, Jacob Lillemose, Malthe Kouassi Bjerregaard, Kristin Diana Hussey, Louise Whiteley

Tekstredigering/Text Editing: Cecilie Glerup

Korrektur/Proof Reading: Merete Hvas (DA), Cole Ruth (ENG)

Transport Agents: Møbeltransport Danmark Fine Art


Projektledelse/Project management: Adam Bencard, Jacob Lillemose

Projektkoordinatorer/Project coordinators: Anton Pihl, Kirsten Egholk, Astrid Orsleff Hansen

Producer: Bente Vinge Pedersen

Økonomi/Finances: Anne Bernth Jensen, Mie Jørgensen

Eventkoordinering/Events Coordinator: Anne-Sofie Stampe

Formidlingskoordinator/Interpretation Coordinator: Josefine Rahbek Stromark

Udstillingsværter/Exhibition hosts: Christine Meinzinger, Noah Ghebremichael, Pauline Lona Hansen, Amalie Juul, Marie Rosa Dietz

Publikumsresearch/Visitor Research: Cecilie Glerup, Kristin Hussey, Louise Whiteley

PR Coordination: Julie Wouwenaar Tovgaard

Direktør Medicinisk Museion/Director Medical Museion: Ken Arnold


Verden i kroppen

Animation af: Torben Lorentzen

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